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Four Shillings in the Pound Aid 1693/4 for the City of London, The City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex compiled by Janet Barnes and Craig Spence for the London in the 1690s project

The data were transcribed from the manuscript assesments housed at the Corporation of London Record Office. The 4s aid of 1693-4 imposed tax on three sources of actual or potential income: i) it required that everybody pay 4s in the pound on t he yearly profits accruing to any personal estate in the form of ready moneys, debts owing, goods, wares, merchandises, other chattels belonging to them; ii) those in public service paid 4s on every 20s earned as their official salary; and iii) a tax of 4s in the pound was levied in every person based on the rack-rent value of their property. The tax was not collected where rents failed to reach a yearly value of 20s.
The database contains 61,588 records and 58,844 names of individuals (some are named more than once). Of the entries 54,148 relate to individual householders and 3,831 to lodgers. The information given is: location of the property (ward, precinct and in many cases, street); title, first name and surname of householder; type of property (house, shop, stables, barn etc);

1692 Poll Tax for the City of London (with additional records from 1694 and 1698 Poll Taxes) compiled by Dr James Alexander for his doctoral thesis, 'The Economc and social structure of the City of London' (London School of Economics, 1989) and used in the London in the 1690s project

Merchant Culture 1660-1720 database containing biographical details of 850 London merchants, compiled by Dr Perry Gauci for the English Merchant Culture 1660-1720 project

Information included: Location, title, firstname and surname and occupation of person as given in poll tax assessment of 1692; date of birth; background; ethnicity; father's occupation/status; religion; name of master; evidence of domicile overseas; year of grants of or appoications for denization or naturalization; date of marriage; age when married; address at marriage; address of wife/status of her father/her age at marriage; presence in S Lee 1677 Directory of London merchants; information from London visitation by the Court of Heralds in 1687; payments of marriage duty 1695; poll tax assessment for 1690; membership of livery companies; date at which person became apprentice and age; method by which freedom was obtained; livery company offices held; vote made as liveryman in Parliamentary elections 1710, 1713, 1721; signatory to trade petitions; evidence from 1694-5 port books; mescellaneous reference to trade associations; trade membership; office held in a trading company; evidence of trade difficulty; office held at parish/congregational lvel; civic office held; national office held; year of death; address at death; title/occupation given in will; tax for 1692 Poll Tax; type of residence; total tax paid by household (1692); number of wives; numbers of sons; number of daughters; number of unspecified children; number of male servants; number of female servants; number of apprentices; number of unspecified servants; number of unspecified kin; owner of coach; rent; value of stock.