The Seminar on Metropolitan History is held in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The programme for 2000-1 is given below. The Seminar on Medieval and Tudor London History is held weekly during the Summer Term. For further details and a programme for this seminar, please contact Dr Vanessa Harding at Birkbeck College. Email:


Convenors: Dr Richard Dennis, Dr David Green, Dr Derek Keene

Alternate Wednesdays at 5.30 pm
in the Training Room, Basement
Institute of Historical Research
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Theme for 2000-1: 'The representation of the metropolis'

Autumn Term 2000

11 October John Wareing (University of North London/ Birkbeck)
Revisiting the social origins of emigrants from late seventeenth-century London
25 October Laura Wright (Cambridge) and Derek Keene (CMH)
Strange things in the city: place-names and representation in medieval London
8 November Lucy Peltz (Museum of London)
Aestheticizing the antiquarian city: printmaking as preservation in the long eighteenth century
22 November Lynda Nead (Birkbeck)
Gas and light: Cremorne Pleasure Gardens and mid-Victorian urban entertainment
6 December Elizabeth McKellar (Birkbeck)
Place not space: problems of locality and identity in the eighteenth-century metropolis

Spring Term 2001

17 January Dirk de Meyer (University of Ghent)
(Dis)enchantments: representing Los Angeles Suburbia in the 1960s
31 January Tony Sutcliffe (Nottingham)
London in the cinema: from Lodger to Launderette
14 February Iain Black (King's College London)
Between tradition and modernity: Hongkong Bank building in Hong Kong and Shanghai, 1880-1940
28 February Deryck Holdsworth (Pennsylvania State)
Local and global components of the proto-office district: exchanges, coffee-houses and counting-houses in their larger context
14 March Davide Deriu (University College London, Bartlett)
Modernity, memory and the metropolis: notes on urban photography in Europe between the wars
21 March Pat Garside (Salford) and Ali Strauss (British Film Institute)
'Neither One Thing nor the Other': Film and London's identity between the wars