The Seminar on Metropolitan History is held in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The programme for 2003-4 is given below. Proposals for papers, or for themes to be pursued, are welcomed. Please submit them to

The Seminar on Medieval and Tudor London History is held weekly during the Summer Term. For further details and a programme for this seminar, please contact Dr Vanessa Harding at Birkbeck College. Email:


Convenors: Dr Iain Black, Dr Matthew Davies, Dr Richard Dennis, Professor Derek Keene

Alternate Wednesdays at 5.30 pm
in the Pollard Room, First Floor
Institute of Historical Research
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Autumn Term 2003

8 October Rachel Unsworth (Leeds)
Locating the early service sector of Leeds: the origins of an office district
22 October Margrit Schulte Beerbühl (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf)
The forgotten majority: German merchant houses in eighteenth-century London
5 November Kathy Chater (Goldsmiths College)
Black people in Old Bailey Trials, 1722-1812
19 November Craig Bailey (Centre for Metropolitan History)
The Irish network in London: the case of merchants, 1760-1840
3 December Krista Cowman (Leeds Metropolitan)
'Going to London': metropolitan opportunities for suffragettes from the regions

Spring Term 2004

14 January Barbara Penner (The Bartlett, UCL)
The Amazing Hotel World: nineteenth-century New York hotels and consumer desire
28 January Philip Davies (English Heritage)
An imperial framework: the architecture of the British Raj in India
11 February John Marriott (Raphael Samuel Centre, University of East London)
The discovery of London in the early nineteenth century
25 February Stefan Goebel (Centre for Metropolitan History)
Capital Cities at War: exhibitions in London, Paris and Berlin 1914-18
10 March Maiken Umbach (University of Manchester)
A Tale of Second Cities: autonomy, culture and the law in Hamburg and Barcelona in the long nineteenth century