The Seminar on Metropolitan History is held in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The programme for 2004-5 is given below. Proposals for papers, or for themes to be pursued, are welcomed. Please submit them to

The Seminar on Medieval and Tudor London History is held weekly during the Summer Term. For further details and a programme for this seminar, please contact Dr Vanessa Harding at Birkbeck College. Email:


Convenors: Dr Matthew Davies, Dr Richard Dennis, Professor Derek Keene, Dr Patrick Wallis

Alternate Wednesdays at 5.30 pm
in the Pollard Room, First Floor
Institute of Historical Research
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Autumn Term 2004

13 October Graeme Davison (Monash)
The first Australian suburbs
20 October Jerry White (Local Government Ombudsman)
Trouble in Arcadia: the London suburb, 1840 to the present
3 November Brigitte Flickinger (Heidelberg)
Silent spectators: going to the cinema in London, Berlin and St Petersburg before 1918
17 November Laura Ugolini (Wolverhampton)
The passing of the 'nut'? Masculinity, youth and consumption in World War I London
1 December Brenda Assael (Swansea)
Conspicuous Consumption: dining out in the Victorian West End

Spring Term 2005

12 January Mark Merry and Philip Baker (Birkbeck/CMH)
'For the house her self and one servant': households and houses in late seventeenth century London
26 January Michelle Johansen (IHR and East London)
Struggling heroes: the public librarian in late Victorian London
9 February

Mike Finn (Cambridge)
Educating the underclass: Walter Besant ideas of poverty, 1882-1900

Please note the change of title from that previously advertised

23 February Stefan Goebel (University of Kent and CMH)
Coventry and Dresden: the politics of transnational remembrance after 1945
9 March

Jose Luis Oyon (U.P.C. Barcelona)
The structures of the everyday city: space and urban practices in popular Barcelona, 1914–1936

NB: This seminar will be held in the Low Countries Room, 3rd floor, IHR

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