The Seminar on Metropolitan History is held in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The programme for 2006-7 is given below. Proposals for papers, or for themes to be pursued, are welcomed. Please submit them to

The Seminar on Medieval and Tudor London History is held weekly during the Summer Term. For further details and a programme for this seminar, please contact Dr Vanessa Harding at Birkbeck College. Email:

Both the Metropolitan History and Medieval and Tudor London History seminars are part of a large and wide-ranging programme of regular seminars held at the Institute of Historical Research. A full list is available on the Institute's website.


Convenors: Dr Matthew Davies, Dr Richard Dennis, Professor Derek Keene, Dr Patrick Wallis

Alternate Wednesdays at 5.30 pm
in the Pollard Room, First Floor
Institute of Historical Research
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Autumn Term 2006

18 October Peter Bailey (University of Manitoba)
Mid-Victorian metropolitan music hall: audiences and ambience
1 November Bruno Blondé (University of Antwerp)
Material culture in a declining metropolis: Antwerp in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
15 November James Moore (CMH)
The problem of corruption in municipal government and politics, c.1850–1914: Manchester, Liverpool and Wolverhampton
29 November Panikos Panayi (de Montfort University)
The rise of the foreign restaurant in London
13 December Alysa Levine ( Oxford Brookes)
Pauper apprentices in eighteenth-century London

Spring Term 2007

10 January Glen Calderwood (Institution of Civil Engineers) and Carl Bridge (King’s College, London)
The Australians in Britain in 1901: an exploration
[joint meeting with the Contemporary British History seminar]
24 January David Peters Corbett (University of York)
‘Food for Starving Souls’: the urban scene in Ashcan School and Camden Town Realism around 1900
7 February Panikos Panayi (De Montfort University)
The rise of the foreign restaurant in London, c.1870-1940
[Meeting rescheduled from 29 November]
21 February David Green (KCL) and Alistair Owens (QMUL)
Following the money: geographies of wealth in nineteenth-century London
7 March Andrew Lees (Rutgers)
Germans on society and social reform in urban Britain in the nineteenth century

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