Dr Richard Dennis, Dr David Green, Dr Derek Keene

Alternate Wednesdays at 5.30 pm
in the Old Bindery at the
Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Theme for 1995-6: 'Writing Metropolitan History'

Autumn Term 1995

The speakers are all contributing chapters on London to the forthcoming Cambridge Urban History of Britain. In these papers they will try out their ideas and reflect more generally on the underlying themes of London history.

11 October 1995         Derek Keene (Centre for Metropolitan History)
			From Lost City to Capital, 600-1300

25 October              Caroline Barron (Royal Holloway, London)
			A Social and Political Capital, 1300-1540

 8 November             Jeremy Boulton (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
			An Emergent Metropolis, 1540-1700

22 November             Leonard Schwarz (University of Birmingham)
			London and the Industrial World, 1700-1840

 6 December             Richard Dennis (University College London)
			World City and After, 1840-1950