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Director: Matthew Davies, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxford)
  Tel: 020 7862 8698
  E-mail: Matthew.Davies@sas.ac.uk
  Matthew Davies has researched and written on many aspects of London's crafts and livery companies in the medieval and early modern periods. Before joining the CMH he worked for the History of Parliament Trust where he completed studies of the parliamentary representation of London and Southwark in the fifteenth century.
Deputy Director: James Moore, B.A. (Oxon.), Ph.D. (Manchester)
  On secondment during 2009-10
  Please send enquiries to Olwen.Myhill@sas.ac.uk
  James Moore has wide-ranging interests in British urban, regional and political history of the long nineteenth century and is particularly concerned with issues of civic politics and governance, political ideology, regional identity, and urban culture.
Administrative and Research Assistant: Olwen Myhill, B.A. (Birmingham), Dip. R.S.A.

Tel: 020 7862 8790

E-mail: Olwen.Myhill@sas.ac.uk
Leverhulme Visiting Professor of Comparative Metropolitan History: Vivian Bickford-Smith, M.A., Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Tel: 020 7862 8799

E-mail: Vivian.Bickford@sas.ac.uk
Honorary Senior Research Fellow Derek Keene, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxford)

Tel: 020 7862 8790

Please send enquiries to Olwen.Myhill@sas.ac.uk
  Derek Keene has written extensively on the society, economy, topography and archaeology of medieval and early modern towns, and especially on Winchester and London. He is a member of the International Commission for the History of Towns.
  Project and publications links: Social and Economic Study of Medieval London , Feeding the City (I), Feeding the City (II)
IHR Digital Projects and Training Officer: Mark Merry, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.(Kent)

Tel: 020 7862 8750

E-mail: Mark.Merry@sas.ac.uk
Principal Investigator:  
London and the Tidal Thames 1250-1550 James Galloway, M.A., Ph.D. (Edinburgh)

Tel: 020 7862 8790

E-mail: James.Galloway@sas.ac.uk
Research Officers:  
London Women and the Economy Before and After the Black Death Matthew Stevens, B.A., Ph.D. (Aberystwyth)

Tel: 020 7862 8746

E-mail: Matthew.Stevens@sas.ac.uk
Life in the Suburbs Philip Baker, B.A. (London), M.A. (Sheffield)

Tel: 020 7862 8753

E-mail: Philip.Baker@sas.ac.uk
Mark Latham, B.A. (Hertfordshire), M.A., Ph.D (Leicester)
  Tel: 020 8762 8753
  E-mail: Mark.Latham@sas.ac.uk


David Mitchell, B.Sc., Ph.D., M.I.C.E, 'Textile trades in early modern London' and 'Cultural history of dining in England, 1500-1700'. Tel/Fax: 020 7352 7405
Graham Twigg, B.Sc., Ph.D., 'Epidemics and the plague in London'


Helen Draper, 'Mary Beale and her "paynting room" in London 1655 to 1699' (M.Phil/Ph.D.)

Sam Harper, 'London and the Crown in the reign of Henry VII' (M.Phil/Ph.D.)

Richard Harvey, 'The stud tram fiasco: the surface contact experiment of the London County Council tramways' (M.Phil/Ph.D.)

David Kroll (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award student, from October 2009), 'The development of private housing in London since 1870: roles and relationships and their impact on housing design and production' (M.Phil/Ph.D.)

Jordan Landes, 'The role of London in the creation of a Quaker transatlantic community in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries' (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

Mary Lester (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award student, from October 2007), 'Suburban identity and the idea of London: Dalston and West Ham 18861923' (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

Laurie Lindey, B.A. (Eckerd Coll., Florida), M.A. (Royal College of Art), 'The London furniture trade 1640-1720' (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

Carlos Andrés López Galviz (Leverhulme Postgraduate Student in Comparative Metropolitan History, from January 2006), '"The Polis of the Metro" - The introduction of the city railway in nineteenth-century London and Paris' (Ph.D.)

Joanna Marchant (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award student, from October 2008), 'How did London's museums influence civic identities through the shaping of their urban cultural environments (1851-1891)?' (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

Kathrin Pieren (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award student, from October 2006), Migration and identity constructions in an imperial metropolis: the representation of Jewish heritage in London between 1887 and 1956 (Ph.D.)

Dean Rowland, 'The reception and implementation of local and parliamentary legislation in England, 1422-c.1485' (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

Catherine Wright, B.A., M.St. (Oxford), 'Social and cultural connections between the English and Dutch, 1660-1720' (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

Dhan S. Zunino Singh, 'The history of the Buenos Aires underground railways. A cultural analysis of the modernization process in a peripheral metropolis (1890-1950)' (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

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