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December 2006: We are in the process of updating the General Guide to records held in the Manuscripts Section of Guildhall Library. This is a major project which includes

A) adding all the significant new catalogued collections since November 1994,

B) removing entries for items which have been transferred elsewhere or which we now consider too minor for inclusion in the Guide,

C) amending entries to indicate additions to existing collections or to reflect recent research and/or work to improve catalogue entries.

In addition, we want to make the relationship between the Guide and our online catalogue as close as possible. We have added in Ms numbers for each collection, with instructions for carrying out classification searches online using those Ms numbers. We have changed the form of name of collections so that they are exactly the same as the catalogue.

This work is on-going. The website will be updated on a gradual basis, section by section. As the project continues, there will be further small changes to sections which have already been updated. Whenever a section is altered, the date of the update is given in brackets against the name of the section.

While these comments apply to updated sections of the Guide, in those sections which have not been updated the following may apply:

additions may have been made to existing collections, expanding the date ranges available (e.g. parish registers of City churches, London Stock Exchange, Sun Insurance Office), and several new collections acquired by the Section have been fully catalogued and are available for public inspection (e.g. Worshipful Company of Skinners and Bridewell Royal Hospital). See a list of newly catalogued collections compiled since 1998.

A fully marked up copy of the Guide is available at the Manuscripts Section enquiry desk. If you require any advice or have any questions please email us.


Note (August 1995): This edition of the general guide to records held in the Manuscripts Section of Guildhall Library was made in November 1994 and is a revision of the guide prepared for the Greater London Archives Network in 1989.



Records of:

Section 11 (i) Corporation of London

Section 11 (ii) City of London Wards (last updated 5th September 2007)

Section 11 (iii) Liberties/civil parishes etc. (last updated 21st February 2008)

Section 12 Local records of central govt. (last updated 30th January 2008)

Section 13 Other public authorities (last updated 14th January 2008)

Section 14 Courts of Law (last updated 15th November 2007)

Section 15 (i) Dioceses (London/Gibraltar etc.)

Section 15 (ii) Archdeaconries (last updated 27th January 2009)

Section 15 (iii) St Paul's Cathedral (last updated 13th February 2009)

Section 16 (i) Anglican parishes

Section16 (ii) Non-Parochial Anglican churches (last updated 26th February 2008)

Section 17 Non-Anglican religious bodies (last updated 31st January 2008)

Section 18 (i) Religious Foundations (last updated 31st January 2008)

Section18 (ii) Livery Companies (last updated 6th September 2007)

Section18 (iii) Schools and colleges (last updated 29th January 2009)

Section18 (iv) Charities (last updated 31st January 2008)

Section18 (v) Almshouses (last updated 3rd April 2008)

Section18 (vi) Other institutions (last updated 31st January 2008)

Section 19 Manorial (last updated 11th November 2009)

Section 20 Military (last updated 6th December 2006)

Section 21 Clubs and Societies (last updated 21st February 2008)

Section 22 (i) Business (last updated 16th April 2009)

Section 22 (ii) Business Organisations (last updated 16th April 2009)

Section 23 Family and Personal (last updated 20th February 2008)

Section 24 Other archival documents (last updated 21st September 2006)

Section 25 Antiquarian collections (last updated 23rd April 2008)

Section 26 Copies of sources held elsewhere (last updated 22nd November 2006)

Last updated March 2010

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