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Livery Company Membership Guide

List of companies

Air Pilots and Air Navigators, Apothecaries, Armourers and Brasiers

Bakers, Barbers (ca. 1540-1745 Barber Surgeons), Basketmakers, Blacksmiths, Bowyers, Brewers,Broderers, Brown Bakers, Butchers

Carmen, Carpenters, Clockmakers, Clothworkers, Coach and Coach Harness Makers, Combmakers, Cooks, Coopers, Cordwainers, Curriers, Cutlers

Distillers, Drapers, Dyers

Fanmakers, Farmers, Farriers, Fellowship Porters, Feltmakers, Fishmongers, Fletchers , Founders, Framework Knitters, Fruiterers

Gardeners, Girdlers, Glass Sellers, Glaziers, Glovers, Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers, Goldsmiths, Grocers, Gunmakers

Haberdashers, Horners

Innholders, Ironmongers

Joiners and Ceilers

Leathersellers, Longbowstringmakers, Loriners

Makers of Playing Cards, Masons, Mercers, Merchant Taylors, Musicians


Painter Stainers, Parish Clerks, Pattenmakers, Paviors, Pewterers, Pinmakers , Plaisterers, Plumbers, Poulters

Saddlers, Salters, Scriveners, Shipwrights, Silk Throwers, Skinners, Soapmakers ,Spectaclemakers, Stationers

Tacklehouse and Ticket Porters, Tallow Chandlers, Tin Plate Workers, Tobacco Pipe Makers, Turners, Tylers and Bricklayers



Watermen and Lightermen, Wax Chandlers, Weavers, Wheelwrights, Woodmongers, Woolmen

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Livery Company membership guide, introduction

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