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A old photo of two women on a day out

"Tishy and Jo, April 18th, 1928."


Browse a list of PhD theses about Gender and the list of university teachers who study Gender. Completed theses are available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

History Online provides information on current and past research in the United Kingdom. It also lists the research interests of UK history teachers. Search History Online for further details of current and past research and for details of the research interests of history teachers.


Gender and representation in Students for a Democratic Society.

Stephanie Bateson
Supervised by: Dr. F. Hugh Wilford and Dr. Robert J. Cook
Sheffield Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

The history and development of sports journalism and gender, comparing post-war (1950s-90s) America, Great Britain and Australia.

V. Bennett
Supervised by: Professor Pierre Lanfranchi
De Montfort Ph.D. (Hum.)
Research in progress

Family, gender and domestic violence in 18th-century Malta.

David Borg-Muscat
Supervised by: Dr. Joan M. Davies
Essex Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Identity, class and gender: cotton workers in Bolton and Oldham, 1920-50.

Victoria Brookes
Supervised by: Dr. Hannah J. Barker and Professor A. Penny Summerfield
Manchester Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Ideas of race and gender in France during World War I.

Joshua Cockburn
Supervised by: Dr. Kevin Passmore
Wales Ph.D. (Cardiff Hist. & Archaeol.)
Research in progress

Manufacturing childhood: the contribution of child labour to the success of the British theatrical industry, 1875-1903.

Dyan Colclough
Supervised by: Ms. Patricia Ayers and Professor Alan Kidd
Manchester Metropolitan Ph.D. Awarded 2008

Gender and class: a study of political activism in the North West Labour Women's Organization in the 1970s and 1980s.

Margaret Creear
Supervised by: Dr. Karen Hunt
Manchester Metropolitan Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender, war, conquest and nation in Anglo-Norman writers and chroniclers.

Agnes Davis
Supervised by: Professor Pauline A. Stafford
Liverpool M.Phil. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Perceptions of gender in Aztec society.

Caroline E. Dodds
Supervised by: Mr. Nicholas S. Davidson
Oxford D.Phil. (Mod. Hist.)
Research in progress

Race, gender and nation in Ecuador. A comparative study of Black and indigenous populations, c. 1895-1944

Nicola C. Foote
Supervised by: Dr. Christopher G. Abel
London Ph.D. (U.C. Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender and Britishness: women, society and identity in mid 18th-century Scotland.

Katharine E. Glover
Supervised by: Dr. Alexander J. Murdoch and Dr. Stana S. Nenadic
Edinburgh Ph.D. (Scot. Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender and the domestic interior, 1850-1910.

Jane Hamlett
London M.Phil. (R.H.U.L. Hist.)
Research in progress

Women on the Wear: the gendered nature of employment in 18th- and 19th-century Sunderland.

Olwen Harrison
Supervised by: Dr. Peter Rushton
Sunderland M.Phil./Ph.D. (Soc. & Int. Stud.)
Research in progress

Revelry and redemption studies in respectability and gender in Pontypridd, c.1870-1914.

Deborah James
Supervised by: Dr. Andrew J. Croll and Ms. Ursula Masson
Glamorgan Ph.D. (Hum. & Soc. Sc.)
Research in progress

Pure and applied women: maths, science and gender, c.1900.

Claire Jones
Supervised by: Dr. Patricia Starkey and Dr. William J. Ashworth
Liverpool Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender, politics and Irish national identity in the 1790s.

Catriona Kennedy
Supervised by: Dr. Jane L. Rendall
York Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

The content of official elementary schooling in Spain: race, gender and class in the Franco regime's educational ideology.

Jaclyn A. LaPlaca
Supervised by: Dr. Frances Lannon
Oxford D.Phil. (Mod. Hist.)
Research in progress

Medical remedy collections in 17th-century England: medical theory, gender and text.

Elaine Leong
Supervised by: Miss Margaret H. Pelling
Oxford D.Phil. (Mod. Hist.)
Research in progress

Disciplined Women: Maids, Wives and Mistresses
in Reformation Languedoc.

Suzannah R.G. Lipscomb
Supervised by: Mr. Robin Briggs
Oxford D.Phil. (Mod. Hist.) Research in progress

Gender, Jacobitism and dynastic sanctity.

N. Mackenzie
Supervised by: Professor H.H. Erskine-Hill
Cambridge Ph.D. (Eng.)
Research in progress

Ireland begins at home: women, gender, nationalism and the experience of women in rural Ireland, c.1896-1914.

James Macpherson
Supervised by: Professor Joanna Bourke
London Ph.D. (Birkbeck Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender, identity and conquest within the *Gesta Regum Anglorum* of William of Malmesbury.

Kirsten McMillan
Supervised by: Dr. Pauline A. Stafford
Liverpool Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Community and gender in the Punjab, 1940s and 50s.

E.R. Newbigin
Supervised by: Dr. Rajnarayan S. Chandavarkar
Cambridge M.Phil. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender and alternative gender relations in Mughal South Asia.

Mohammad N. Noor
Supervised by: Dr. Natalie A. Zacek
Manchester Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Representations of gender in alchemical literature and art from 1611 to 1698.

Elizabeth O'Mahoney
Supervised by: Dr. Jeanne Nuechterlein
York Ph.D. (Hist. of Art)
Research in progress

Slave owners in the British Caribbean: gender, colour, class and ethnic perspectives, 1750-1834.

Ahmed N. Reid
Supervised by: Professor David Richardson
Hull Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender and space in late 17th-century London.

Fleur L. Warden Richards
Supervised by: Dr. Faramerz N. Dabhoiwala
Oxford D.Phil. (Mod. Hist.)
Research in progress

Rainmaking, gender and power in Ihanzu, Tanzania, 1885-1995.

D.T. Sanders
Supervised by: Dr. Henrietta L. Moore
London Ph.D. (L.S.E. Anthr.)
Research in progress

Lanarkshire mining and gender relations in the 20th century.

Lynn Sinclair
Supervised by: Professor Eileen Yeo and Dr. Arthur J. McIvor
Strathclyde Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender and the working class: a study of the working-class community in the Oldham and Halifax cotton workforce, 1945-80.

Natalie Sketchley
Supervised by: Mr. Keith H. Nield
Hull Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

A gendered politics? The impact of partial enfranchisement on women's politics in Manchester, 1918-28.

Joanne Smith
Supervised by: Dr. Karen Hunt
Manchester Metropolitan Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

The British tailoring trade and body transformation: production, consumption, gender and health, 1680-1810.

Lynn Sorge
Supervised by: Dr. Steven A. King and Dr. Christiana Payne
Oxford Brookes Ph.D. (Hum.)
Research in progress

Sisterhood in West Yorkshire: gender and factory legislation, 1870-1914.

Keiko Takeuchi
Supervised by: Professor Michael E. Rose
Manchester Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Gender and ministry: the experience of early women Congregational ministers.

Kirsten Thorpe
Supervised by: Dr. Elaine L. Graham
Manchester Ph.D. (Rel. & Theol.)
Research in progress

The significance of the high school: how far did the Victorian preoccupation with gender and class affect its development?

Rosemary Thynne
Supervised by: Professor John A. Turner
London M.Phil. (R.H.U.L. Hist.)
Research in progress

A wide field of action: religion, gender and old age welfare in England *c.*1820s-1880s.

Ayako Towatari
Supervised by: Professor Patricia M. Thane
London Ph.D. (Inst. Hist. Res.)
Research in progress

Gender and childhood in early medieval hagiography.

Emma Tytel
Supervised by: Dr. Brian J. Golding and Dr. Patricia Skinner
Southampton Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

Concepts of cleanliness and uncleanliness in gender relationships of early medieval England.

S. Morgyn Wagner
Supervised by: Dr. Thomas S. Brown and Mr. Alex Woolf
Edinburgh Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

The Puccini problem: gender and nationalism in Italian Puccini reception.

Alexandra Wilson
Supervised by: Dr. Katherine J. Ellis
London Ph.D. (R.H.U.L. Music)
Research in progress

The influence of gender and place on the bequest patterns of East Anglian will-makers, c.1400-1530.

T.-Y. Woo
Supervised by: Dr. Richard M. Smith
Cambridge Ph.D. (Hist.)
Research in progress

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Darren J. Aoki

Research interests: Modern Japanese social history; post-war gender & sexualities
University of Nottingham (School of History & Art History)

Caitriona Beaumont

Research interests: 19th & 20th c. Britain & Ireland; Irish & English women's organisations; history of gender & social policy; history of the women's movement in Britain & Ireland 1880-1960
London South Bank University (History Field)

Adrian Bingham

Research interests: 20th c. British social & cultural history; popular press; gender; sexuality
London: Institute of Historical Research (Centre for Contemporary British History)

Joanna Bourke

Research interests: War; gender; masculinity; emotions; working-class cultures
London: Birkbeck College (Dept. of History)

Matthew D. Cook

Research interests: 19th-20th c. British cultural history; sex, gender & sexuality
University of Keele (Dept. of History)

Joanna C. de Groot

Research interests: Social & cultural history of Europe & the Middle East since 1750; gender & women's history; imperial history
University of York (Dept. of History)

Rebecca A. Earle

Research interests: Race, gender & national identity in 19th c. Spanish America
University of Warwick (Dept. of History)

Tag Gronberg

Research interests: 20th c. art, design & architecture; gender & modern visual culture
London: Birkbeck College (Dept. of History of Art)

Helen Hills

Research interests: Architecture & the city; relationships between construction of gendered & classed identities & the built environment in early modern Europe
University of Manchester (Dept. of History of Art)

Louise A. Jackson

Research interests: 19th c. child abuse; history of gender & crime
Leeds Metropolitan University (Faculty of Cultural & Educational Studies)

Katherine J. Lewis

Research interests: Saints' cults; cultural communities; concepts of gender
University of Huddersfield (Division of History)

Keith McClelland

Research interests: Class, gender, race & citizenship 1848-1914; imperial history; socialism & empire 1880-1914
University of Middlesex (School of Arts)

Robert J. Morris

Research interests: Social structure in 19th c. towns; gender & property
University of Edinburgh (Economic & Social History)

Kirsty M. Reid

Research interests: Gender, crime & punishment; gender & working-class formation; Australian penal colonies
University of Bristol (Dept. of Historical Studies)

Katharina J. Rowold

Research interests: Gender & science in 19th c. Europe; 19th c. feminism in comparative perspective
London Metropolitan University (Dept. of Law, Governance & International Relations)

Pauline A. Stafford

Research interests: Gender & the Norman Conquest; ruling women 10th & 11th c.; history of early medieval women
University of Liverpool (School of History)

Peter J. Thompson

Research interests: American history, $c$.1600-1800; social history; gender & women's history
University of Oxford (St. Cross College)

Elisabeth M.C. van Houts

Research interests: Medieval historiography 800-1200; Anglo-Norman history; history of gender
University of Cambridge (Emmanuel College)

Simon S. Yarrow

Research interests: Hagiography; the cult of the saints & the interaction between popular & elite culture; Anglo-Saxon & Anglo-Norman narrative sources & constructions of identity & gender
University of Birmingham (School of Historical Studies)

To find more university teachers on Gender, search History On-Line. Check the 'Teachers of History' box and select 'Gender & women' from 'Type of History.'

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