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Medical History

Medieval diagram of the Venous System

Medieval diagram of the venous system


Browse a list of PhD theses about medical history and the list of university teachers who teach this era. Completed theses are available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.


Continuity and change in a mid Victorian resort: Ramsgate, 1851-71.

R.S. Holmes
Supervisor: W.A. Armstrong
Ph.D. Kent
Awarded 1977

Of war wounds: the propaganda, politics and experience of medicine in World War I on the Western Front

Claire Herrick
Supervised by: Dr. Roger J. Cooter
Ph.D. (Manchester)
Awarded 1996

Cantrips and carlins: magic, medicine and society in the presbyteries of Haddington and Stirling, 1603-88

Joyce H.M. Miller
Supervised by: Dr. Iain G.C. Hutchison and Dr. Helen M. Dingwall
Ph.D. (Stirling)
Awarded 2000

Herbalists and herbal medicine in the 19th and early 20th centuries, with particular reference to N.W. England

Ursula Miley
Supervised by: J.V. Pickstone
M.Sc. (Manchester)
Awarded 1988

Sir Leonard Rogers F.R.S. (1868-1962): tropical medicine in the Indian Medical Service

Helen J. Power
Ph.D. (London)
Supervised by: Professor W.F. Bynum
Awarded 1993

Mind and its disease in Enlightenment British medicine

Akihito Suzuki
Supervised by: R.S. Porter
Ph.D. (London)
Awarded 1992

Medieval English medicine and the law, 11th-15th centuries

Elizabeth Porter
Supervised by: Dr. Simone C. Macdougall
M.Phil. (St. Andrews)
Awarded 1999

William Pulteney Alison: activist philanthropist and pioneer of social medicine

Sheonagh M.K. Martin
Supervised by: Dr. William W. Knox
Ph.D. (St. Andrews)
Awarded 1997

Medicine, medical reform and the Puritan revolution

P.W. Elmer
Supervised by: D.S.T. Clark
Ph. D. (Swansea)
Awarded 1980

The emergence of English forensic medicine: medical evidence in common-law courts, 1730-1830

Catherine J. Crawford
Supervised by: Ludmilla J. Jordanova
D.Phil. (Oxford)
Awarded 1987

Anglo-Saxon medicine within its social context

H.M. Cayton
Ph. D. (Durham)
Awarded 1977

The imagined tropic: British imperial medicine in China, 1840-1910

Shang-Jen Li
Supervised by: Dr. Robert C. Iliffe and Dr. Christopher J. Lawrence
Ph.D. (London)
Awarded 1999

Mental physicians and their patients: psychological medicine in the English pauper lunatic asylums of the later 19th century

R. Russell
Supervised by: J.H. Woodward
Ph.D. (Sheffield)
Awarded 1984

Between tropical disease and veterinary medicine: the development of immunological studies of parasitism, 1900-70

Richard C. Hankins
Supervised by: Professor John V. Pickstone and Dr. Mark A. Jackson
Ph.D. (Manchester)
Awarded 1998

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Laurence W.B. Brockliss, M.A. (Cantab. & Oxon.), Ph.D. (Cantab.)

Research interests: Early modern French education; science & medicine
Oxford (Magdalen College)

William F. Bynum, M.D. (Yale), B.A. (Swarthmore), Ph.D. (Cantab.)

Research interests: Malaria in India 1850-1950
London - University College (Wellcome Institute)

Robert G. Arnott, B.A. Lond.), M.A. (Warwick)

Research interests: Aegean prehistory; ancient medicine; palaeoepidemiology
Birmingham (Dept. of Ancient History & Archaeology)

Philip L. Woodfine, M.A. (Cantab.), Ph.D. (Huddersfield)

Research interests: Sir Robert Walpole; ideas on medicine & health
Huddersfield (Division of History)

Sally E.E. Crawford, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.)

Research interests: Medieval archaeology; the social history of the Anglo-Saxon period; childhood & early medicine

Geoffrey Tweedale, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Lond.)

Research interests: Occupational health
Manchester Metropolitan (Centre for Business Stud.)

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