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Engraving of a tobacco plantation owner and his slaves

A tobacco planter surrounded by slaves carrying hoes. Detail from a tobacco label.

Original in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record, Jerome S. Handler and Michael L. Tuite Jr.


Browse a list of PhD theses about the history of slavery and the list of university teachers who teach this topic. Completed theses are available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

History Online provides information on current and past research in the United Kingdom. It also lists the research interests of UK history teachers. Search History Online for further details of current and past research and for details of the research interests of history teachers.


An analysis of slave abolitionists in the north-west of England

Brian Howman
Supervised by: Professor Gad J. Heuman and Dr. Sarah Richardson
Warwick Ph.D. Awarded 2006

Place, identity and memory: a study of American ante-bellum autobiographical slave narratives, and Holocaust survivor accounts by Jews living in Bialystok, Poland, after 1918 and up to 1943

Margaret Marlow
Supervised by: Professor A.R.J. (Tony) Kushner and Dr. John R. Oldfield
Southampton Ph.D. Awarded 2006

Domination and slave resistance on Cuban plantations, 1808-48

Manuel Barcia-Paz
Supervised by: Dr. Matthias R÷hrig AssunšŃo
Essex Ph.D. Awarded 2005

Sold! Slaves in advertising during the age of segregation

Marion Gibrill
Supervised by: Dr. Mary Ellen Curtin
Essex M.A. Awarded 2005

The ideology of slavery: a comparative study of slavery in the military of the Byzantine and 'Abbasid empires in the 9th-century

Robina Nawaz
Birmingham M.Phil. Awarded 2005

The development of slave laws in Louisiana, 1724-1834

Maxine A. Clarke
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Legacies of slavery: presenting the history of American slavery in the plantations and historic homes of the southern United States

Fiona J.L. Handley
London Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Slavery in ancient Greek poleis and ancient Sri Lanka: a comparison

Chandina S.M. Wickramasinghe
Nottingham Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Destroying the Upas tree: the role of Scottish churches and people in the abolition of black slavery, 1756-1838

Iain A. Whyte
Edinburgh Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Slave societies in Jamaica and Surinam

Henrice Altink
Supervised by: Professor David Richardson
Hull Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Black slave drivers in the antebellum South

Joanne Berry
Supervised by: Dr. Steven J. Sarson
Wales Ph.D. Awarded 2002

West Indian slave revolts and the British discourse on slave emancipation, c.1790-1833

Gelien Matthews
Supervised by: Professor David Richardson and Professor David Eltis
Hull Ph.D. Awarded 2002

The geographies of global humanitarianism: the Anti-Slavery Society and the Aborigines Protection Society, 1884-1933

Roderick E. Mitcham
Supervised by: Professor Felix F. Driver
London Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Slavery in the marginal colonies of the British West Indies

Roy Murray
Supervised by: Dr. Francis J.D. Lambert and Dr. Michael J. French
Glasgow Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Women slaveholders in the Georgia and South Carolina low country, 1750-75.

Ingeborg R. Dornan
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 2001

The logical outcome of the non-slaveholders' philosophy? Hinton Rowan Helper on race and class in the antebellum South

David Brown
Supervised by: Mr. Louis Billington
Hull Ph.D. Awarded 2000

That most perfidious institution: the slow death of slavery in the 19th-century

Trevor R. Getz
Supervised by: Professor Richard J.A.R. Rathbone
London Ph.D. Awarded 2000

Scottish women and the American anti-slavery movement

Patricia A. Rinker
Supervised by: Dr. William W. Knox
St. Andrews Ph.D. Awarded 2000

White women, slavery and racism: images of the British Caribbean in women's published writing, 1770-1845

Joanne Liddy
Supervised by: Dr. Michael Tadman
Liverpool Ph.D. Awarded 1999

Slave women and work in the American South

Liese Perrin Supervised by: Dr. Andrew G. Miles and Dr. M.M. Smith
Birmingham Ph.D. Awarded 1999

Charles Stuart and the transatlantic anti-slavery connection.

David A. Van Dyke
Edinburgh Ph.D. 1998

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Henrice Altink

Research interests: Slavery & emancipation; Caribbean social & gender history 1838-1938
York (Dept. of History)

John Ashworth

Research interests: Coming of U.S. Civil War; slavery debate
Nottingham (School of American & Canadian Studies)

Martin S. Crawford

Research interests: Britain & the slave south; Potteries emigration to the U.S.
Keele (Dept. of American Studies)

Madge J. Dresser

Research interests: Social history of English religion 1750-1830; slavery & popular memory
West of England, Bristol (School of History)

Richard Follett

Research interests: Slavery in Louisiana; the history, economy & mechanisation of the sugar industry
Sussex (School of History)

Rebecca Fraser

Research interests: Gender & sexuality in the antebellum South; the cultural world of the enslaved
East Anglia (Dept. of History)

Richard J. Geary

Research interests: Unemployment in inter-war Europe; comparative history of slavery
Nottingham (School of History & Art History)

Douglas J. Hamilton

Research interests: 18th c. Atlantic world; slavery; British empire
Hull (Dept. of History)

Sheryllynne Haggerty

Research interests: 18th c. British Atlantic trade & networks; slave trade; 18th c. towns
Nottingham (School of History)

Gad J. Heuman

Research interests: Slavery & freedom in Caribbean
Warwick (Dept. of History)

Brian Kelly

Research interests: Directs the AHRC-funded After Slavery Project (www.afterslavery.com); American Civil War and Reconstruction, with a special interest in emancipation in the Carolinas
Queen's University Belfast (Dept. of History)

Jeremy M. Krikler

Research interests: Race & class; agrarian history; labour movements; the world of the slave trade
Essex (Dept. of History)

Robin C.C. Law

Research interests: Social history of Ouidah (Benin); English Royal African Company; Atlantic slave trade
Stirling (Dept. of History)

Robert M. Lewis

Research interests: Louisiana; slavery; recreation
Birmingham (School of Historical Studies)

Tim Lockley

Research interests: Slavery, race, gender & reform in the colonial and antebellum South
Warwick (Dept. of History)

Keith Mason

Research interests: Loyalism; U.S. constitution; slavery
Liverpool (School of History)

Kenneth J. Morgan

Research interests: British overseas trade & expansion 1650-1850; slavery in the British Caribbean; early American history
Brunel University (Dept. of American Studies & History)

John R. Oldfield

Research interests: Slavery & abolition in the Atlantic world; black-white relations in the U.S. in the 19th & 20th c.
Southampton (Dept. of History)

Diana Paton

Research interests: Comparative slavery; slave emancipation; 18th-19th c. Anglophone Caribbean; gender
Newcastle upon Tyne (School of Historical Studies)

Christer Petley

Research interests: White society in Jamaica; slavery & abolition in the Americas; British colonialism
Leeds Metropolitan (School of Cultural Studies)

David Richardson

Research interests: Transatlantic slavery, incl. Africa
Hull (Dept. of History)

Matthias R÷hrig Assunšao

Research interests: Slavery & post-emancipation in Brazil & the Caribbean; Afro-American culture, esp. martial arts & capoeira
Essex (Dept. of History)

Ulrike Roth

Research interests: Roman republican history; ancient slavery; gender in history
Edinburgh (Dept. of Classics)

Anita Rupprecht

Research interests: History of slavery
Brighton (School of Historical & Critical Studies)

Suzanne Schwarz

Research interests: N.W. social & economic history; slave trade
Liverpool Hope (Dept. of History)

Michael Tadman

Research interests: Slavery in America
Liverpool (School of History)

Howard R. Temperley

Research interests: Early 19th c. America; slavery & anti-slavery
East Anglia (School of English & American Studies)

David M. Turley

Research interests: Slavery & the consequences of emancipation; African-American intellectuals
Kent at Canterbury (School of History)

Megan A. Vaughan

Research interests: Mauritius in 18th c.: creation of colonial society & history of slavery; Malawi & Zambia recent history
Cambridge (King's College)

Emily R. West

Research interests: Slavery & the antebellum South
Reading (School of History)

David R. Wyatt

Research interests: Slavery in medieval Britain & Ireland
Cardiff (School of History & Archaeology)

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