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The Victorian Era

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Book Reviews

Reviews in History is an electronic publication which reviews and reappraises significant work in all fields of historical interest, covering the principal areas of the subject as taught in institutions of higher education. The reviews listed below relate to the Victorian era.

Men and Women

Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain Since 1880

by Lesley A. Hall
Review by Dr. Paula Bartley
Lesley A. Hall's Response

Aristocratic Women and Political Society in Victorian Britain

by K.D Reynolds
Review by Professor Peter Mandler

A Woman's Place, an Oral history of Working Class Women

by Elizabeth Roberts
Review by Professor Sally Alexander
Elizabeth Roberts's response

A Mans Place: Masculinity and the Middle-Class Home in Victorian England

by John Tosh
Review by Professor Anthony Fletcher
John Tosh's response

Fertility, Class and Gender in Britain 1860-1940

by Dr. Simon Szreter
Review by Michael Mason
Simon Szreter's response

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A Death-Dealing Famine: the Great Hunger in Ireland

by Christine Kinealy
Review by Dr. L.A. Clarkson
Christine Kinealy's response

The Great Famine and Beyond: Irish Migrants in Britain in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

by Donald M. MacRaild (ed.)
Review by Paul O'Leary
Donald M. MacRaild's response

The Irish in Victorian Britain: the Local Dimension

by Roger Swift and Sheridan Gilley
Review by Alexander Peach

Newspapers and Nationalism: the Irish provincial press, 1850-1892

by Marie-Louise Legg
Review by John McGurk
Marie-Louise Legg's response

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Social History

Prostitution: Prevention and Reform in England 1860-1914

by Paula Bartley
Review by Dr. Maria Luddy
Paula Bartley's response

Artful Dodgers: Youth and Crime in Early Nineteenth Century London

by Heather Shore
Review by John Springhall
Heather Shore's response

Insanity, Institutions and Society, 1800-1914: a Social History of Madness in Comparative Perspective

by Joseph Melling
Review by Dr Anne Borsay
Joseph Melling's response

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Gladstone. Heroic Minister, 1865-1898

by Professor R. T. Shannon
Review by Eugenio F. Biagini
Professor R. T. Shannon's response

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The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition of 1851: a Nation on Display

by Jeffrey A Auerbach
Review by Dr. John R. Davis

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