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Book Review: Author's Response
Book Title Helmuth von Moltke and the Origins of the First World War
Author Annika Mombauer
Open University
Reviewer Dr Matthew S. Seligmann
University College Northampton
Publisher Cambridge: CUP, 2001
ISBN ISBN 0 521 79101 4

I am very grateful to Dr Seligmann for his positive assessment and detailed analysis of my book, and for placing my work within a wider historiographical context. His thoughtful review reassures me that the reason why the younger Moltke had - until recently - been marginalised was not because he was not worthy of study and that my views regarding his central role in the pre-war years are supported by the available evidence. I am glad that Dr Seligmann found my arguments convincing and would like to thank him for this encouraging review.

June 2001







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