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What is History?

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History is the great propagator of doubt - A.J.P. Taylor (1906 - 1990)


Browse a list of PhD theses about the Victorian era and the list of university teachers who teach this era. Completed theses are available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

History Online provides information on current and past research in the United Kingdom. It also lists the research interests of UK history teachers. Search History Online for further details of current and past research and for details of the research interests of history teachers.


Traditional Thai historiography and its 19th-century decline.

W. Pongsripian
Supervised by: N.J. Brailey
Ph.D. (Bristol)
Awarded 1984

The idea of Walter Benjamin: researches in philosophical historiography and the philosophy of history.

R.W. Tagart
Supervised by: S. Bann
M.A. (Kent)
Awarded 1984

The use of Byzantine historiography in the works of P.S. Delta.

Marianna Spanaki
Supervised by: Mr. C. Alexiou
Ph.D. (Birmingham)
Awarded 1994

Kingmaking: the historiography of Bruce and Lancaster in biography, ceremonial and document.

Sarah K. Tolmie
Supervised by: Dr. Richard P. Axton
Description: Ph.D. (Cambridge)
Awarded 1998

Historiography and visual culture in Britain, 1660-1783.

Matthew G. Sullivan
Ph.D. (Leeds)
Awarded 1998

Four studies in the historiography of early Rome.

Simon J. Northwood Ph.D. (Manchester) Awarded 1998

Natural law theory, its historiography and development in the French and German Enlightenment, c.1670-1780.

T.J. Hochstrasser
Supervised by: R.F. Tuck
Ph.D. (Cambridge)
Awarded 1990

The historiography of the late Stalin period: a case study of war veterans through oral history.

Jonathan H. Cohen
Supervised by: Dr. Mary McAuley
M.Litt. (Oxford)
Awarded 1993

The historiography of mental 'illness': a cause for the social history of madness.

C. Crawford
Supervised by: W. Luckin
Description: M. Sc. (Sussex)
Awarded 1977

Idealism and the study of history: the development of the historiography of Max Lenz.

J. L. Herkless
Supervised by: J. A. S. Grenville
Description: Ph. D. (Birmingham)
Awarded 1978

The Bolshevization of Soviet Historiography, 1928-32.

J. D. Barber
Supervised by: E. H. Carr
Description: Ph. D. (Cambridge)
Awarded 1972

The 'other' feudalism: a critique of 20th-century Turkish historiography and its particularization of Ottoman society.

H. Berktay
Supervised by: M.O.H. Ursinus, C.J. Wickham
Ph.D. (Birmingham)
Awarded 1990

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D. Stuart T. Clark, B.A. (Wales), Ph.D. (Cantab.), F.B.A.

Research interests: Theoretical aspects of historiography of early modern witchcraft
Prof. of Hist. University of Wales, Swansea (Dept. of History)

Keith H. Nield, B.A. (Leeds)

Research interests: Museums; historiography; class
University of Hull (Dept. of Economic & Social History)

Ruth J. Macrides, B.A. (Columbia), Ph.D. (Lond.)

Research interests: Reception of Byzantium in 19th c. Europe; historiography; 19th c. Greek literature
University Birmingham (School of Historical Studies)

Martin Farr, B.A. (Exeter), Ph.D. (Glas.)

Research interests: High politics; political economy; historiography
University of Newcastle upon Tyne (Dept. of History)

Pamela M. Cox, B.A., Ph.D. (Cantab.)

Research interests: Crime & public policy; identity & difference; feminism; postmodernism; historiography
University of Essex (Dept. of History)

Edward D.J. Acton, B.A. (York), Ph.D. (Cantab.)

Research interests: Russian Revolution of 1917 & its historiography; Stalin & power
Prof. of Mod. Eur. Hist., Dean of Sch. of Hist. University of East Anglia (School of History)

Stefan K. Berger, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.)

Research interests: Comparative labour history; historiography; nationalism
Prof. of Hist. University of Glamorgan (School of Humanities & Social Sciences)

Alan J. Kidd, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Manc.)

Research interests: Poor law; charity; middle-class culture; historiography of the poor law
Manchester Metropolitan University (Dept. of History & Economic History)

October 2001

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