Locating London's past: a geo-referencing tool for mapping historical and archaeological evidence, 1660-1800

Professor Robert Shoemaker (Sheffield)
21 October 2011

The purpose of this afternoon workshop was to present the online mapping tool for visualising historical information about people and places in early modern London, developed by  the JISC-funded'Locating London's Past' project. There was also a discussion of future developments in the mapping of historical data.The discussion was led by a panel including: Ian Archer (Oxford), Peter Barber (British Library), Ian Gregory (Lancaster), David Green (King's College London), Tim Hitchcock (Hertfordshire), Robert Shoemaker (Sheffield) and Matthew Davies (IHR).

Organiser(s): Tim Hitchcock (Herts), Robert Shoemaker (Sheffield), Mark Merry (CMH)

Event Location: The Court Room, First Floor, Senate House, London 



This second video was taken from the roundtable discussion that ended the workshop.  It should be noted that the video quality is low on this video and some questions from the audience might be difficult to hear.  However, there is still useful and interesting discussion here which merits its inclusion here.  


Locating London's Past

(click here to access the Locating London's Past website)


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