Donald Trump in the White House: How Much Longer Can this Last?

Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph
21 November 2018

Trump is now halfway through his term in office - but will it be his first or his last? In this talk distinguished journalist Tim Stanley will consider Trump’s record thus far; what the midterms mean for his administration; the likelihood at this moment of Trump winning a second term.  The emergence of a Democratic strategy will also be examined. What do the midterms tell Democrats? Should they be Left-wing or centrist, anti-Trump or focused on selling their own agenda?  At the heart of this talk is a paradox: Trump might be a populist but he is deeply unpopular. He can win without majority support, but can he actually implement his distinctive agenda on immigration, foreign policy and economics? And can he be unseated if the Democrats get their act together?  Tim Stanley is a historian and a journalist for the Daily Telegraph, covering elections in the United States. He has followed Trump from New York to North Carolina to Singapore.  His four books include Kennedy vs Carter: The 1980 Battle for the Democratic Party’s Soul.

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