Women and Peace Activism

Amy Todd
3 May 2019

Amy Todd has been researching the lives and work of key figures within peace activist networks in the UK. She has produced three blogs which tell the story of three activists contextualised within a key time for the women’s peace movement. The blogs and podcast will explore the relationship between feminist, pacifist and anti-military ideologies to give a brief timeline of the history of female peace activism.

In this podcast, Amy invites Pat Gaffney (Pax Christi) and Liz Khan (Women in Black) to discuss the topic, their experiences and women, pacifism and non-violence today highlighting the contemporaneous issues still present in gendered peace work today.

This podcast is accompanied by a short series of blog posts on the IHR’s ‘On History’ magazine site. Read more from Amy Todd’s ‘Women and Peace’ series here: https://blog.history.ac.uk/2019/05/women-and-peace-hannah-priscilla-peckover/.

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