The Centre produces a free periodic newsletter containing latest news from the CMH, other research centres, museums and local studies libraries. Items include information on upcoming conferences, publications and new online resources.

Although the newsletter is available online here, a short email message is sent to subscribers notifying them of a new issue. If you would like to subscribe to the email alert, or have items of news for inclusion in future issues, please send an email to ihrcmh@sas.ac.uk

Please note: that many of the links to websites included in back issues of the newsletter may now be out of date and/or unobtainable. Any personal contact details relating to out-of-date events have been deleted.


Issue No. 14 October 2006
Issue No. 13 May 2006
Issue No. 12 January 2006
Issue No. 11 September 2005
Issue No. 10 June 2005
Issue No. 9 March 2005
Issue No. 8 December 2004
Issue No. 7 September 2004
Issue No. 6 June 2004
Issue No. 5 April 2004
Issue No. 4 February 2004
Issue No. 3 September 2003
Issue No. 2 June 2003
Issue No. 1 March 2003

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