Spartacus, [edited by Frank Wright and Alison Finch] (Oxford : R.S.S.F. ; Cambridge : Socialist soc., 1968) [Heisler] P4146  No. 4 - Autumn 1968


The Revolutionary Socialist Students’ Federation was only a few months old when this journal was published, and it was impassioned with a spirit which was in evidence across Europe that year. While it is easy to question the unrealistic aspirations of such movements, it was undoubtedly sincere in its belief that it represented ‘the most effective national grouping of socialist students that has been formed in Britain’. The journal printed substantial, heavily referenced and closely argued articles on the philosophy of Marx and the political struggle in South Africa as well as poetry about Che Guevara and transcriptions of graffiti following the civil unrest in Paris in May 1968.


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