Atchkanov, G., Havelock Wilson exposed (London : Published by the Seamen's section of Transport Worker's Minority Movement for the International Propaganda Committee of Transport Workers, [192-]) [Heisler] P4121


Havelock Wilson was a charismatic and successful trade union leader, who established and maintained the National Sailors’ and Firemen’s Union from 1887–1929. Wilson was conspicuous for his passionate support of the First World War, a crisis which divided the British Left. Having worked closely with the government to avoid strikes and disputes in shipbuilding which might hamper the war effort, he came to be regarded as having transferred his sympathies to the capitalist owners of industry. The Transport Worker’s Minority Movement was a Communist group established to champion a more hardline form of socialism amongst trade unionists, and in this work they attack the popular Wilson as an ideologically unsound and traitorous figure.


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