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the guide to historical resources • Issue 13: The City •

The City

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, London

Source: Centre for Metropolitan History


This issue of History in Focus looks at the history of the city and the resources available to study it. To find issues on other topics, go to our home page.

In this issue:

  • articles: four articles on the history of the city.
  • websites: websites about the city and urban history, reviewed by the History in Focus editorial team.
  • book reviews: reviews of major books on the city.
  • bibliography: key books on the history of the city, listed by publisher, with book summaries and links to publishers' pages. Special offers are available to History in Focus readers on many of these books.
  • research: details of PhD theses about the city, and university teachers interested in urban history.
  • more resources: museums and archives with information about the city in history.

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