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The City

Ile des Cygnes, Paris

Ile des Cygnes, Paris

Photo: Adrian Pingstone


Browse a list of PhD theses about the history of the city and the list of university teachers who teach this topic. Completed theses are available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

History Online provides information on current and past research in the United Kingdom. It also lists the research interests of UK history teachers. Search History Online for further details of current and past research and for details of the research interests of history teachers.


An analysis of slave abolitionists in the north-west of England

Brian Howman
Supervised by: Professor Gad J. Heuman and Dr. Sarah Richardson
Warwick Ph.D. Awarded 2006

Artisans and the city: a social history of Bristol's shoemakers and tailors, 1770-1880.

Julian P. Davies
Supervised by: Dr. Kirsty M. Reid
Bristol Ph.D. Awarded 2003

The West looks at Constantinople: the idea of the city as renewal and utopia in selected medieval French and Franco-Italian texts.

R.M. Devereaux
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 2003

Urbanisation, the development of the brewing industry and the proliferation of English town pubs in the 19th century, with special reference to Norwich, Norfolk.

Robert E.K. Donovan
Supervised by: Professor Richard G. Wilson
East Anglia Ph.D. Awarded 2003

Development and change in municipal ideology and practice: the role and experience of urban district councils to 1940 with special reference to County Durham.

W.R.R. Hamilton
Supervised by: Dr. David Taylor and Professor Keith Laybourn
Huddersfield M.Phil. Awarded 2003

'... of inestimable value to the town and district'? A study of the urban middle classes in south Wales, with particular reference to Pontypool, Bridgend and Penarth, c.1850-1890.

Julie Light
Supervised by: Professor David W. Howell
Wales Ph.D. Awarded 2003

The city of Troia and its territory, c.1020-c.1220.

Paul Oldfield
Supervised by: Dr. Graham A. Loud
Leeds M.A. Awarded 2003

The archaeology of Ramla: a medieval Islamic city.

Andrew Petersen
Supervised by: Professor R. Denys Pringle
Wales Ph.D. Awarded 2003

City and country in Pisidia from classical antiquity to the middle ages: Ariassos, Sia and their territories.

T.H. Robinson
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 2003

Food in the city: an interdisciplinary study of the ideological and symbolic uses of food in the urban environment in later medieval England.

Sharon Wells
York Ph.D. Awarded 2003

Between city and country: the cultural background, character and function of Gallo-Roman urban peripheries.

P.J. Goodman
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 2002

Captive city, captive audience: the Kefauver hearings and representations of the Hollywood gangster.

Nerys Young
Supervised by: Dr. Kathleen McCracken
Ulster Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Historicizing the urban nation: discussions about the role of the urban world in the history of imperial Germany, c.1870-c.1900.

Maike Bohn
Supervised by: Professor Michael F. John
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 1999

Worcester and Gloucester: a comparative study of urban expansion in two provincial cities between 1870 and 1939.

Janet Dunleavey
Supervised by: Dr. Terry R. Slater
Birmingham Ph.D. Awarded 1999

Furnishing a city: design and production of furniture in 19th-century Sheffield.

Julie Goddard
Supervised by: Mr. Roger Lloyd-Jones
Sheffield Hallam Ph.D. Awarded 1999

Urban growth, apartheid and social organisation in Cape Town, 1939-55.

Kevin M. Greenbank
Supervised by: Dr. John M. Lonsdale
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 1999

Urban communities and the Crown: relations between Bristol, York and the royal government, 1350-1400.

Christian D. Liddy
Supervised by: Professor W. Mark Ormrod
York D.Phil. Awarded 1999

The transformation of urban Liberalism: Liberal politics in Leicester and Manchester, 1885-95.

James R. Moore
Supervised by: Dr. Peter C. Lowe
Manchester Ph.D. Awarded 1999

Politics, image-making and urban space: representations of Florence in the art of Domenico Ghirlandaio.

Caspar Pearson
Supervised by: Mr. David E. Hemsoll
Birmingham M.Phil. Awarded 1999

'La Citoyenne Bien Renseignée': Women, The Newspaper Press and Urban Literary Culture in Paris, Rennes and Lyon 1780-1800

Victoria Rowan
Supervised by: Professor Gwynne Lewis
Warwick Ph.D. Awarded 1999

The transformation of domesticity as an ideology: Calcutta, 1880-1947.

Sudeshna Banerjee
Supervised by: Professor David J. Arnold
London Ph.D. Awarded 1997

Real Liberals and Conservatives in the City of London, 1848-86.

Peter M. Claus
Supervised by: Mr. A. William Purdue and Mr. John M. Golby
Open University Ph.D. Awarded 1997

Religious life and urban society in colonial Mexico: the nuns and beatas of Querétaro, 1674-1810.

Negin Gunnarsdottir
Supervised by: Dr. David A. Brading
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 1997

Indian elites, urban space and the restructuring of Ahmedabad city, 1890-1947.

Siddhartha Raychauduri
Supervised by: Professor Christopher A. Bayly
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 1997

The reform of urban policing in Victorian England: a case-study of Kingston-upon-Hull, 1835-60.

David R. Welsh
Supervised by: Mr. Keith H. Nield
Hull Ph.D. Awarded 1997

Tourism and the image of success: an essay on its developmental role within the post-industrial city, with special reference to Hull.

Craig Brooks
Supervised by: Ms. Janet M. Blackman
Hull M.Phil. Awarded 1996

A city in change: Aberdeen in the 1880s.

Thomas Jamieson
Supervised by: Mr. Donald J. Withrington
Aberdeen M.Litt. Awarded 1996

Social networks and urban space: the social organisation of Leicester, c.1550-1640.

Yoh Kawana
Supervised by: Professor Peter A. Clark
Leicester Ph.D. Awarded 1996

European urbanism in Caracas, 1870s-1930s.

Arturo Almandoz Marte
Open University Ph.D. Awarded 1996

The city in space and time: development of the urban form and space of Suzhou until 1911.

Yinong Xu
Edinburgh Ph.D. Awarded 1996

The city of contrasts: perceptions and realities in Canton in the 1920s and 1930s.

V. K. Ho
Supervised by: Dr. J. Mark D. Elvin
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 1995

Liberalism and the city: the case of Frankfurt am Main, 1866-1914.

Jan C. Palmowski
Supervised by: Professors H. Colin G. Matthew and Michael F. John
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 1995

Victorian suburbanisation of Glasgow, 1830s-1910s.

Tommy Tang
Strathclyde Ph.D. Awarded 1995

Urban culture in Rouen, 1500-1640.

Dylan T. Reid
Supervised by: Mr. Robin Briggs
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 1995

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Caroline H. Arscott

Research interests: British art & society in Victorian period, esp. urbanism & images of the city
London: Courtauld Institute of Art (Dept. of History of Art)

Peter Borsay

Research interests: British urban & cultural history 1660-1949; history of Bath 1700-2000; history of leisure in Britain since 1500; history of spas & seaside resorts; history of heritage
Aberystwyth (Dept. of History & Welsh History)

James R. Brennan

Research interests: Urban history of Dar es Salaam; post-colonial east Africa
London: School of Oriental and African Studies (Dept. of History)

Louise Campbell

Research interests: The design of cities; artists' studios
Warwick (Dept. of History of Art)

Carl S.A. Chinn

Research interests: Urban working-class history; manufacturing history; ethnic minorities; towns & cities; Birmingham & Black Country history
Birmingham (School of Historical Studies)

Richard Dennis

Research interests: 'Modernity' of cities in the late 19th & early 20th c.
London: University College (Dept. of Geography)

John Doran

Research interests: The Papacy in the 12th & 13th c.; the city of Rome in the Middle Ages
Chester (Dept. of History & Archaeology)

Barry M. Doyle

Research interests: Early 20th c. middle-class politics; urban change 1880-1950
Teesside (History Subject Group)

Shane Ewen

Research interests: Social & cultural history; British urban history; municipal history; transnational history
Leeds Metropolitan (School of Cultural Studies)

Nelida Fuccaro

Research interests: Urban history of Bahrain & other Gulf & Indian Ocean towns
London: School of Oriental and African Studies (Dept. of History)

Ralph A. Griffiths

Research interests: English Crown, its provinces & dominions 1300-1550; Welsh urban history
Swansea (Dept. of History)

Simon Gunn

Research interests: English industrial cities c.1800-1980; history & cultural theory
Leicester (School of Historical Studies)

Andrew Hann

Research interests: History of retailing & consumption; urban history; local & community history; quantitative methods
Greenwich (School of Humanities)

Martin Hewitt

Research interests: Public lecturing; cities & culture in 19th c.
Trinity and All Saints (Dept. of History)

Leif W. Jerram

Research interests: Social & cultural history of cities; the built environment & the experience of city life, with a focus on Germany & Austria
Manchester (Dept. of History)

Prashant Kidambi

Research interests: Social & urban history of south Asia
Leicester (School of Historical Studies)

W. Robert Lee

Research interests: Population & society in 19th c. European port cities
Liverpool (School of History)

Christian D. Liddy

Research interests: Cities, English government & politics 13th-15th c.
Durham (Dept. of History)

Francesca Locatelli

Research interests: Urban cultures; migration & diaspora; crime; gender relations
Edinburgh (History)

Helen E. Meller

Research interests: Social & cultural history of European cities 1890-1990
Nottingham (School of History & Art History)

Julia F. Merritt

Research interests: Social, religious & urban history of early modern England, esp. London
Nottingham (School of History & Art History)

Gisela Mettele

Research interests: Garden cities; suburbia; gender history; urban middle classes; cities & suburbs in movies
Leicester (School of Historical Studies)

David M. Palliser

Research interests: English urban history c.600-1540
Leeds (School of History)

Linda Polley

Research interests: Urban & suburban architectural history 19th-20th c.
Teesside (Design History Group)

Sarah R. Rees Jones

Research interests: Medieval urban history
York (Dept. of History)

Leonard D. Schwarz

Research interests: English social & urban history, mid 17th c.-mid 19th c.; London, 1660-1850; poverty in England, 1660-1870
Birmingham (School of Historical Studies)

Katie Scott

Research interests: City as sign of polite culture in 18th c. France; 17th-18th c. French architecture: decoration
London: Courtauld Institute of Art (Dept. of History of Art)

Rosemary H. Sweet

Research interests: 18th c. urban history
Leicester (School of Historical Studies)

Weipin Tsai

Research interests: Chinese modern history; Shanghai city history
Bristol (Dept. of Historical Studies)

John K. Walton

Research interests: Comparative urban history, Britain & Spain
Central Lancashire (Dept. of Historical & Critical Studies)

James A. Yelling

Research interests: Slums, redevelopment & urban renewal
London: Birkbeck College (Dept. of Geography)

Dr Peter Claus

Pembroke College, University of Oxford

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