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History On-Line provides information on current and past research in the United Kingdom. Information on the research interests of UK history teaching staff is also available. The details below represents a small random selection of the material relating to the history of war. Search History On-Line for further details of current and past research and for details of the research interests of teaching staff. Completed theses are normally available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

Current and Past Research

Foreign diplomatic representatives at the court of James VI and I
Roberta Anderson
Supervised by: Dr. Alan Marshall and Professor Roger C. Richardson
D.Phil. (Bath Spa)
Awarded 2001

The household and court of King James VI of Scotland, 1567-1603
Amy L. Juhala
Supervised by: Professor Michael Lynch and Dr. John W.M. Bannerman
Ph.D. (Edinburgh)
Awarded 2000

Imagining England: spatial and chronological conceptions of the realm of Elizabeth and James I
Kathryn A. James
Supervised by: Dr. Laurence W.B. Brockliss
D.Phil. (Oxford)
Awarded 1999

The 'personal rule' of Elizabeth I: marriage, succession and Catholic conspiracy c.1578-1582

Natalie Mears
Supervised by: Professor John A. Guy
Ph.D. (St. Andrews)
Awarded 1999

Sir William Cecil and the British succession crisis of the 1560s
Stephen Alford
Supervised by: Professor John A. Guy
Ph.D. (St. Andrews Ph.D.)
Awarded 1996

The impact on England of James VI and I
Diana R. Newton
Dr. Brian W. Quintrell
Ph.D. (Liverpool)
Awarded 1996


Treasury account book, 1572

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Simon L. Adams, B.A. (Haverford), M.A. (Harv.), D.Phil. (Oxon.)
Research interests: Elizabethan politics & foreign policy

Stephen Alford, M.A., Ph.D. (St. And.)
Research interests: Tudor political culture & thought

Sarah Bastow, B.A., Ph.D. (Huddersfield)
Research interests: Religious history; history of Yorkshire; Catholicism & the gentry in Tudor & Stuart England

P. Glenn Burgess, B.A., M.A. (Wellington), Ph.D. (Cantab.)
Research interests: Tudor & Stuart political thought

Christopher J. Harrison, B.A., Ph.D. (Keele)
Research interests: Tudor manor courts

Terrence E. Hartley, B.A., Ph.D. (Lond.)
Research interests: Elizabethan county sheriffs

J. Clare L. Jackson, M.A., M.Phil. (Wales), Ph.D. (Cantab.)
Research interests: History of ideas in early modern Scotland; politics of the Stuart multiple monarchy

Natalie Mears, M.A. (Cantab.), Ph.D. (St. And.)
Research interests: Elizabethan politics & political culture

B. John S. Moore, B.A. (Lond.)
Research interests: Tudor demographic history; Anglo-Norman economic & social history

Darren Oldridge, B.A. (Nott.), Ph.D. (Warwick)
Research interests: Religion in early Stuart England $c$.1603-1642
Worcester College

Peter R. Roberts, M.A. (Wales & Cantab.), Ph.D. (Cantab.)
Research interests: Elizabethan court; parliament & theatre 1558-1642; Tudor Wales; early modern concepts of Britain & Britishness
Kent at Canterbury

Peter R. Seddon, B.A. (Nott.), Ph.D. (Manc.)
Research interests: Reign of James VI & I; 17th c. Nottinghamshire

Jonathan Woolfson, B.A. (Oxon.), Ph.D. (Lond.)
Research interests: Tudor humanism, intellectual & cultural history of 15th & 16th c. England & Italy
University College Chichester

Jenny Wormald, M.A., Ph.D. (Glas.)
Research interests: Dual monarchy: the reign of James VI & I

Joyce A. Youings, B.A., Ph.D. (Lond.)
Research interests: Tudor history

July 2003