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History On-Line provides information on current and past research in the United Kingdom. Information on the research interests of UK history teaching staff is also available. The details below represents a small random selection of the material relating to the history of Imperialism. Search History On-Line for further details of current and past research and for details of the research interests of teaching staff. Completed theses are normally available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

Current and Past Research

Colonial soldiers and their relations with Native Americans around the time of the Seven Years' War.
David Watson.
Supervised by: Dr. Matthew C. Ward.
Ph.D. (Dundee)

Russian colonisation of the Pacific North West.
Johanna Gibson.
Supervised by: Dr. Matthew C. Ward.
Ph.D. (Dundee)

The Madrasa system and the ulama class in the Ottoman empire in the 19th century.
Halil I. Erbay.
Supervised by: Dr. Benjamin C. Fortna.
Ph.D. (S.O.A.S.London)

The British mandate in Palestine
David Schmidt.
Supervised by: Professor Charles J.N. Townshend.
Ph.D. (Keele)

'Cancelling all our obligations and getting out': British policy towards Aden and the Protectorates, 1955-66.
Peter Devitt.
Supervised by: Professor Robert F. Holland.
M.Phil.(Inst. Comm. Stud., London)

End of an empire? The Wilson Labour governments and the withdrawal from east of Suez, 1964-70.
David Clarke.
Supervised by: Dr. Stuart R. Ball.
Ph.D. (Leicester)

Thuggee and the colonial and postcolonial discourse.
K.A. Wagner.
Supervised by: Professor Christopher A. Bayly.
Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Fighting the retreat: British imperial consensus and the return to Hong Kong, 1941-51.
Andrew Whitfield.
Supervised by: Dr. W. Scott Lucas.
Ph.D. (Birmingham)

The establishment of a British empire in Oceania.
Sela Havea.
Supervised by: Dr. Stephen Constantine

Colonial elites in the Netherlands Caribbean, c.1740-c.1820.
Edmond J.M. Schnitker.
Supervised by: Dr. Christopher G. Abel.

Colonialism, post-colonialism and local identity in colonial Taiwanese landscape paintings, 1908-45.
Hsin-tien Liao.
Supervised by: Professor N. Stanley.
Ph.D. (Central England in Birmingham)
Awarded 2002

The sepoy army and colonial Madras, c.1806-1857.
Carina A. Montgomery.
Supervised by: Dr. David A. Washbrook.
D.Phil. (Oxford)

Education in colonial India.
Peter A.J. McMorland.
M.Sc. (Edinburgh)

Slave societies in Jamaica and Surinam.
Henrice Altink.
Supervised by: Professor David Richardson
Ph.D. (Hull)
Awarded 2002

West Indian slave revolts and the British discourse on slave emancipation, c.1790-1833.
Gelien Matthews.
Supervised by: Professor David Richardson and Professor David Eltis.
Ph.D. (Hull)
Awarded 2002

The early planters and the adventurers of the Plymouth colony: examinations and comparisons of their motives for departure to New England.
Mariko Iijima.
Supervised by: Dr. Ian W. Archer.
Awarded 2002

From colonial administration to colonial state: the transition of government, education and labour in Nyasaland, c.1930-1950.
Andrew J. Fairweather-Tall.
Supervised by: Dr. John G. Darwin.
D.Phil (Oxford)
Awarded 2002

Circumstances short of global war: British defence, colonial internal security, and decolonisation in Kenya, 1945-65.
David A. Percox.
Supervised by: Professor Christopher J. Wrigley.
Ph.D. (Nottingham)
Awarded 2002

'Where West and East meets': change and continuity in the British administration of Jamaica, Barbados and the Leeward Islands in connection to the rule of India.
T.L. Billstrom.
Supervised by: Dr. Betty C. Wood.
M.Phil. (Cambridge)
Awarded 2002

Colonial environmentalism through the establishment and spread of forestry in the British empire in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Shoko Mizuno.
Supervised by: Professor John M. MacKenzie.
M.Phil. (Lancaster)
Awarded 2001

Networks, patronage and information in colonial governance: Britain, New South Wales and the Cape Colony, 1826-43.
Zoe Laidlaw.
Supervised by: Dr. John G. Darwin
D.Phil. (Oxford)
Awarded 2001

European attitudes towards the Ottoman empire. A case study: Sultan Abdülaziz's visit to Europe in 1867.
Judith M.A. Upton-Ward.
Ph.D. (Birmingham)
Awarded 1999

Nationalism, imperialism and the press in Britain and the Dominions, c.1898-1914.
Simon J. Potter.
Supervised by: Dr. John G. Darwin and Dr. Ian R. Phimister
D.Phil. (Oxford)
Awarded 2000

Christian missions in the age of new imperialism: the C.M.S. in Uganda, c.1880-1914.
Scott Whitehouse.
Supervised by: Dr. Siân H. Nicholas.
M.Phil. (Wales)
Awarded 2001

Eugenics, race and empire: the Kenya casebook.
Chloe D.M. Campbell.
Supervised by: Dr. David M. Anderson.
Ph.D. (London)
Awarded 2001

Colonial Bermuda: hierarchies of difference, articulations of power.
Roiyah S. Saltus-Blackwood.
Ph.D. (Essex)
Awarded 1999

Evolution not revolution: the constitutional decolonization of the eastern Caribbean, 1962-7.
Rafael A. Cox.
Supervised by: Dr. John G. Darwin.
Awarded 2001

The infrastructure of informal empire: a study of Britain's Native Agency in Bahrain, c.1816-1900.
James A. Onley.
Supervised by: Professor James P. Piscatori.
D.Phil. (Oxford)
Awarded 2001

Imperial networks, ethnography and identity in colonial India and New Zealand.
Anthony J. Ballantyne.
Supervised by: Professor Christopher A. Bayly.
Ph.D. Cambridge
Awarded 1999

Rubber plantations and labour in colonial Indochina: interests and conflicts, 1896-1942.
Webby S. Kalikiti.
Supervised by: Professor William G. Clarence-Smith.
Ph.D. (London)
Awarded 2000

The imagined tropic: British imperial medicine in China, 1840-1910.
Shang-Jen Li.
Supervised by: (Dr. Robert C. Iliffe and Dr. Christopher J. Lawrence.
Ph.D. (London)
Awarded 1999

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