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the guide to historical resources • Issue 7: The Holocaust •

The Holocaust

Research (PhD theses)

Listed chronologically and then alphabetically by author.

The Holocaust and the media, 1939-45
Simon G. Leader
Supervised by: Professors Richard J. Bonney and Aubrey N. Newman
Leicester Ph.D. Awarded 2003

Derrida and the Holocaust
Simon Jacobson
Supervised by: Professor Patrick J. Joyce
Manchester Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Hitler and the interaction of war and Holocaust, 1941.
T. Jersak.
Supervised by: Dr. Jonathan Steinberg.
Cambridge Ph.D. 2001.

The Anglican understanding of Nazism, and its influence on the history and memory of the Holocaust
Thomas Lawson
Supervised by: Professor A.R.J. (Tony) Kushner
Southampton Ph.D. Awarded 2001

The Holocaust and the entwinement of identity, testimony and representation
Zoë V. Waxman
Supervised by: Dr. J.M. Webber
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 2001

Christian responses in Britain to Jewish refugees from Europe, 1933-9.
Chana R. Kotzin.
Supervised by: Professor A.R.J. (Tony) Kushner.
Southampton Ph.D. Awarded 2000.

Anglo-Jewish refugee relief and rescue efforts, 1938-45.
Pamela J. Shatzkes.
Supervised by: Professor Donald Cameron Watt.
London Ph.D. Awarded 1999.

The Holocaust on trial: the war crimes trials in the formation of history and memory.
Donald A. Bloxham.
Supervised by: Dr. A.R.J. (Tony) Kushner.
Southampton Ph.D. Awarded 1998.

Holocaust memorialization in Great Britain.
Steven Cooke.
Supervised by: Mr. A. Charlesworth and Dr. C.A. Mills.
Bristol Ph.D. Awarded 1998.

Ignorance or apathy? Britain's Holocaust-related intelligence-gathering during World War II and its impact upon related policy-making.
Craig Sisson.
Supervised by: Professor Nicholas J. Cull and Mr. G. Steve Paulsson.
Leicester M.Phil. Awarded 1998.

The ghettoization of the 'Jewish' community in Budapest during the Second World War.
T.J. Cole.
Supervised by: Dr. G.E. Smith.
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 1997.

The construction of the Holocaust: genocide and the philosophy of history.
Daniel Stone.
Supervised by: Dr. A. Benjamin and Dr. Ruth Harris.
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 1997.

Survivors of the Holocaust.
Ingrid Kellerman.
Supervised by: Professor C. Holmes.
Sheffield M.Phil. Awarded 1995.

Painting of a death march

Jan Hartman's painting of a death march he was on from Auschwitz to Bielsko.

Image copyright the Imperial War Museum.

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