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The Irish emigrant

The Irish Emigrant: a sheet music cover from the 1850s.

Reproduced by permission of Reading University Library.


Browse a list of PhD theses about the history of slavery and the list of university teachers who teach this topic. Completed theses are available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

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From assimilation to anti-racism: the Church of England's response to Afro-Caribbean migration, 1948-81

Edson Burton
Supervised by: Dr. Madge J. Dresser and Dr. Harry Goulbourne
West of England Ph.D. Awarded 2005

Guernsey, 1814-1914: migration in a modernising society

Rose-Marie Crossan
Supervised by: Professor Keith D.M. Snell
Leicester Ph.D. Awarded 2005

Irish migration to the Scottish north-east

Kevin Kenny
Supervised by: Dr. Marjory-Ann D. Harper
Aberdeen Ph.D. Awarded 2005

Armenian refugees and the European imagination, late 19th-early 20th centuries

Joanne Laycock
Supervised by: Peter Gatrell and Sian Jones
Manchester Ph.D. Awarded 2005

Migration and identity: the development of an Anglican church in North-East Congo (D.R.C.), 1960-2000

Emma L. Wild-Wood
Edinburgh Ph.D. Awarded 2005

Emigration from Scotland and England to Queensland, Australia, 1885-8

Elspeth Johnson
Supervised by: Dr. William Kenefick
Dundee Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Assisted emigration from Birmingham to Canada, 1900-30

James Morrison
Birmingham Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Contested space, territoriality and refugeedom: the construction of ethnic and national identities in Tibetan refugee communities, 1959-2000

Laura Rubio
Supervised by: Peter Gatrell
Manchester Ph.D. Awarded 2004

John Chinaman and Fu Manchu: Chinese immigration, British Sinophobia, c.1860-1925

Katherine Rice Miller
Supervised by: Mr. Philip J. Waller
Oxford M.Phil. Awarded 2003

Norwegian Quaker emigration, 1825-98: causes of emigration, modes of travel and settlement in America

Trond Sviland
Supervised by: Mr. David Adshead and Dr. Donald M. MacRaild
Sunderland M.Phil. Awarded 2000

Internal migration and the transformation of republican Italy

William M. Broadhead
Supervised by: Professor Michael H. Crawford
London Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Conversations of the deaf: immigration, extremism and terror in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1962-72

Alexander P.H. Clarkson
Supervised by: Dr. Nicholas Stargardt
Oxford M.Phil. Awarded 2002

Jewish immigration into Britain after 1945

Sean Kelly
Supervised by: Professor Colin Holmes and Dr. Robert Moore
Sheffield Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Irish migrant identity in Yorkshire and Lancashire, 1815-45

Mariclaire Langstaff
Supervised by: Dr. Ian Duffield and Professor Robert J. Morris
Edinburgh Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Intercepting infection: quarantine, the Port Sanitary Authority and immigration in late 19th- and early 20th-century Britain

Krista Maglen
Supervised by: Professor M. Anne Crowther and Dr. Marguerite W. Duprée
Glasgow Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Administering emigration: Thomas Elliot and government-assisted emigration from Britain to Australia, 1831-55

Margaret Ray
Supervised by: Professor Philip A. Williamson
Durham Ph.D. Awarded 2002

Seventeenth-century migration to the American colonies

Jenny Shaw
Edinburgh M.Sc. Awarded 2002

Nicholas Kaldor: a central European émigré and post-war British economic policy

A. Simon
Cambridge M.Phil. Awarded 2002

The pressures for immigration restriction in the Pacific Northwest, 1890-1924

Kristofer M. Allerfeldt
Supervised by: Professor Jeremy D. Noakes and Dr. Joseph Smith
Exeter Ph.D. Awarded 2001

To the east or to the west? Agents in the recruitment of migrants for British North America and Habsburg Hungary, 1717-70

William T. O'Reilly
Supervised by: Professor Robert J.W. Evans and Dr. Peter J. Thompson
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 2001

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Crispin P. Bates

Research interests: Economic, social & political history of modern India; orientalism & colonial discourse; Indian tribes & colonial migration
Edinburgh (History)

Tobias Brinkmann

Research interests: Jewish migration from east & central Europe to North America; migration to Berlin
Southampton (Department of History)

Laurence Brown

Research interests: Caribbean diaspora; labour migration in 19-20c; migration in contemporary western Europe
University of Manchester (School of Arts, Histories and Cultures)

Kathy Burrell

Research interests: European national identity; migration & refugees
De Montfort (Department of Historical & International Studies)

David Cesarani

Research interests: Jewish history; Holocaust studies; history of migration
London: Royal Holloway University of London (Department of History)

Stephen Constantine

Research interests: Emigration from the British Isles c.1800-1950; child migration; Gibraltar
Lancaster (Department of History)

Edward J. Cowan

Research interests: Vikings; Scottish popular culture; Covenanters; emigration
Glasgow (Department of History)

Martin S. Crawford

Research interests: Britain & the slave south; Potteries emigration to the U.S.
Keele (Department of American Studies)

Graham P. Davis

Research interests: Transatlantic migration of Irish hard-rock miners; Irish in the British census of 1861; the Irish diaspora; local history
Bath Spa University College (School of Historical & Cultural Studies)

Jacqueline Fear-Segal

Research interests: Native Americans; immigration; Americanization; race; education; visual & spatial history
East Anglia (School of English & American Studies)

Margaret Frenz

Research interests: Migration history
Oxford (St. Cross College)

Peter Gatrell

Research interests: Population displacement in modern Russia and Eastern Europe; Refugees in modern world history
University of Manchester (School of Arts, Histories and Cultures)

Daniel A. Gordon

Research interests: Immigrant protest & anti-racism in France since 1961; the international movements of 1968
Edge Hill (Department of History)

Heinrich G.H. Härke

Research interests: Migrations; ethnogenesis; Anglo-Saxons; Alans
Reading (Department of Archaeology)

Jacqueline L.M. Jenkinson

Research interests: Scottish health policy 1900-48; black British history in 19th-20th c.; immigration to Britain in 19th & 20th c.
Stirling (Department of History)

A.R.J. (Tony) Kushner

Research interests: British Jewish history; 'race'; immigration & minority history; heritage of Holocaust studies
Southampton (Department of History)

Brian McCook

Research interests: Central & Eastern Europe; U.S.; comparative history; social history; migration studies
Leeds Metropolitan (School of Cultural Studies)

Martin D.W. MacGregor

Research interests: Gaelic Scotland c.1200-c.1700: society, culture, politics & identity, with particular reference to the relationship with Ireland & to the use of literary sources; migration, emigration & Irish immigration; Highlands
Glasgow (Department of History)

Neil W. MacMaster

Research interests: Algerian migration to France 1900-present; racism in France
East Anglia (School of Modern Languages & European Studies)

Alexander J. Murdoch

Research interests: British emigration 1600-1900; Scottish settlement in North America
Edinburgh (Scottish History)

William O'Reilly

Research interests: Early modern Habsburg Europe; Spanish-Austrian relations; history of migration, colonialism & imperialism; Atlantic history
Cambridge (Trinity Hall)

Joachin Schloer

Research interests: Urban history; German-Jewish history; migration
Southampton (Dept. of History)

Dmitri van den Bersselaar

Research interests: West Africa; the Atlantic world; migrant communities; identity, ethnicity, (trans-)nationalism, (post-)colonialism
Liverpool (School of History)

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