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The Sea

A poster advertising Navy Week in Portsmouth

A poster advertising Navy Week in Portsmouth.

Image courtesy of the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth


Lives shaped by the sea: how has the sea determined, influenced or changed peoples and communities on land?

History in Focus invited ten academics to answer this question from their own research perspective. The resulting pieces, listed below, demonstrate the breadth and depth of historical research relating, in one way or another, to the sea. Different perspectives, different foci and different methodologies have guided the authors of these articles, and we hope they will be of interest to historians and students of immigration and migration, docks and ports, labour, trade and industry, women's history, oral history and local history.

Articles index

Front door, back door: seascapes and the Australian psyche

by Ruth Balint

Representations of mariners and maritime communities, c.1750–1850

by Andrew Gritt

Is there a place for women in maritime history?

by Hanna Hagmark-Cooper

Waiting and hoping: the experience of women whose loved ones went to sea

by Margarette Lincoln

Maritime history and the emigration trade: the case of mid-nineteenth-century Cornwall

by Philip Payton

Coastal communities and maritime history

by Michael Pearson

'A Karachi stowage': dockers and the sea in twentieth-century Britain

by Jim Phillips

London and the sea

by Leonard Schwarz

Catching stories: oral histories from the Brighton fishing community

by Lorraine Sitzia

The seaside resort: a British cultural export

by John K. Walton

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