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The Sea

An old poster from the Royal Naval Museum

A poster from the Second World War.

Image courtesy of the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth


Browse a list of PhD theses concerning the sea, and the list of university teachers who study the sea in various ways. Completed theses are available from the University library of the institution where the thesis was submitted.

History Online provides information on current and past research in the United Kingdom. It also lists the research interests of UK history teachers. Search History Online for further details of current and past research and for details of the research interests of history teachers.


Medieval maritime law and its practice in the towns of northern Europe. A comparison by the example of shipwreck, jettison and ship collision.

Edda Frankot
Supervised by: Dr. Frederik J.G. Pedersen and Professor Angelo Forte
Aberdeen Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Down from the mountain: the birth of naval architecture in the scientific revolution, 1600–1800.

Larrie D. Ferreiro
London Ph.D. Awarded 2004

The establishment and administration of the first hospitals in the Royal Navy, 1650–1745.

Kathleen M. Harland
Supervised by: Dr. Michael Duffy and Professor Nicholas A.M. Rodger
Exeter Ph.D. Awarded 2004

Social history of the Royal Navy, c.1856–1900: corporation and community.

Oliver Walton
Supervised by: Professor Nicholas A.M. Rodger and Dr. Michael Duffy
Exeter Ph.D. Awarded 2004

The ideology of maritime museums, with particular reference to the interpretation of early modern navigation.

Robert D. Hicks
Supervised by: Dr. Michael Duffy and Dr. H.E. Stephen Fisher
Exeter Ph.D. Awarded 2000

The economic history of the Liverpool marine insurance market, 1802–1945.

Michael J. Keoghan
Supervised by: Mr. Philip J. Waller
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 2000

The 'mystery' of the medieval shipmaster: the shipmaster at law, in business and at sea.

Robin McGregor Ward
Supervised by: Dr. Vanessa A. Harding
London Ph.D. Awarded 2000

Safety at sea in the 19th century.

Rudiger Bahr
Supervised by: Dr. Robert G.W. Prescott
St. Andrews M.Phil. Awarded 1999

Westgate-on-Sea 1865–1940: fashionable watering place and London satellite, exclusive resort and a place for schools.

Dawn Crouch
Supervised by: Professor Hugh St.C. Cunningham and Dr. Doreen M. Rosman
Kent Ph.D. Awarded 1999

Danish naval administration and shipbuilding in the reign of Christian IV, 1596–1648.

Martin Bellamy
Glasgow Ph.D. Awarded 1997

The administration and development of the French navy and the ministry of Cardinal Richelieu, 1618–42.

Alan M. James
Supervised by: Professor Joe Bergin
Manchester Ph.D. Awarded 1997

The history of pearl fishing in Ireland.

John Lucey
Supervised by: Mr. David S. John and Mr. James McAllister
Belfast M.Phil. Awarded 1997

Bodies and battles: the treatment of casualties in the British Navy during the 1790s.

Janice I. Wallace
Supervised by: Dr. Sandra Cavallo
Exeter M.A. Awarded 1997

The maritime cultural landscape of Viking and late Norse Orkney.

Anne Allen
Supervised by: Dr. Helena F. Hamerow and Dr. M.J. Millett
Durham Ph.D. Awarded 1995

Seaside resorts of England and Wales, 1950–74.

Julian C. Demetriadi
Supervised by: Professor John K. Walton
Lancaster Ph.D. Awarded 1995

Whales, dolphins and porpoises in the economy and culture of peasant fishermen in Norway, Orkney, Shetland, Faroe Islands and Iceland, c.900–1900 A.D., and Norse Greenland, c.1000–1500 A.D.

Ole Lindqvist
Supervised by: Professor T.C. Smout
St. Andrews Ph.D. Awarded 1995

'Protective supremacy': the Royal Navy, Pacific islanders and the limits of benevolence, 1829–59.

Jane D. Samson
Supervised by: Professor G. Williams
London Ph.D. Awarded 1994

Perceptions, patterns and policies of tourism: the development of the Devon seaside resorts during the 20th century, with special reference to Torquay and Ilfracombe.

Nigel J. Morgan
Supervised by: Dr. J.H. Porter, Dr. H.E.S. Fisher and Dr. B.I. Coleman
Exeter Ph.D. Awarded 1993

Science and discovery in the Admiralty voyages to the Arctic regions in search of a North-West passage (1815–25).

Michael T. Bravo
Supervised by: N. Jardine
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 1992

Engineer officer education in the Royal Navy, 1902–26: status, expertise and technological change.

A.N. Nicholas
Manchester M.Sc. Awarded 1992

Shipowning, shipbuilding and trans-Atlantic fishing in Spanish Basque ports, 1560–1630: a case study of Motrico and Zumaya.

Michael M. Barkham
Supervised by: A.R.H. Baker
Cambridge Ph.D. Awarded 1991

Sea power and Indian security, 1947–90.

Rahul Roy-Chaudhury
Supervised by: Professor R.J. O'Neill
Oxford M.Litt. Awarded 1991

The Argentine navy as an autonomous actor in Argentine politics, 1810–1990.

Varun Sahni
Supervised by: Mr. L.A. Whitehead
Oxford D.Phil. Awarded 1991

Family and maritime community: Robin Hood's Bay, c.1653–c.1867.

Alan Storm
Supervised by: Professor C.V. Phythian-Adams
Leicester Ph.D. Awarded 1991

The navy under Charles I, 1625–40.

Andrew D. Thrush
Supervised by: Professor C.S.R. Russell
London Ph.D. Awarded 1991

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Wendy R. Childs

Research interests: English overseas trade; reign of Edward II
Leeds (School of History)

Harry Dickinson

Research interests: British naval history since 1860
London: King's College (Defence Studies)

Shirley Durgan

Research interests: The seaside in the 19th and 20th c.
Essex (Dept. of History)

Richard Gorski

Research interests: 19th and 20th c. maritime history
Hull (Maritime Historical Studies Centre)

Richard H. Harding

Research interests: Naval and maritime history
Westminster (Faculty of Business and Management (Harrow))

Anne Hardy

Research interests: History of public health and preventive medicine; history of disease and epidemiology in 19th and 20th c.
London: University College (Wellcome Institute)

David Hopkin

Research interests: Rural societies; oral and visual culture; historical anthropology; maritime military history
Glasgow (Dept. of History)

Roger Knight

Research interests: 18th and early 19th c. maritime economic history, including ports, shipbuilding and maritime policy
Greenwich (Greenwich Maritime Inst.)

Andrew D. Lambert

Research interests: 19th c. naval history, strategy, politics, technology
London: King's College (Dept. of War Studies)

James McAllister

Research interests: History of fishing in Tudor and Stuart England; economy of colonial America
Belfast (School of Social Science)

Sarah Palmer

Research interests: 18th and early 19th c. navy, including strategy, administration and naval victualling
Greenwich (Greenwich Maritime Inst.)

Christopher Reid

Research interests: Economy and the environment in modern Britain; maritime history
Portsmouth (Dept. of Economics)

Nicholas A.M. Rodger

Research interests: British naval history 600–1960
Exeter (Department of History)

Susan Rose

Research interests: Medieval naval warfare and maritime history; Calais under English rule 1347–1559
Roehampton (History Programme)

David J. Starkey

Research interests: Modern British maritime history
Hull (Maritime Historical Studies Centre)

Geoff Till

Research interests: Modern naval history
London: King's College (Defence Studies)

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