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The Cold War

A photograph of US President Lyndon Baines Johnson at a Vietnam Rally

US President Lyndon Baines Johnson at a Vietnam Rally.

Image courtesy of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum (photo reference: A2841–25)


This tenth issue of History in Focus looks at the Cold War and the resources available to study it. To find issues on other topics, go to our home page.

In this issue:

  • articles: ten original articles on the Cold War, commissioned to explore the question 'Was the Cold War driven by the superpowers or the periphery?' The resulting pieces demonstrate the breadth and depth of historical research relating to the Cold War.
  • websites: hand-chosen websites focusing on the Cold War and its history, reviewed by the History in Focus editorial team.
  • book reviews: reviews of major books on the Cold War.
  • bibliography: key books on Cold War history, listed by publisher, with book summaries and links to publishers' pages. Oxford University Press are offering all History in Focus readers a special discount, see the bibliography section for more details.
  • research: a list of Ph.D. theses connected to the Cold War, as well as university teachers with an interest in Cold War history.
  • more resources: a guide to museums, libraries and archives that look at the Cold War, its history and contexts.

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