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The Cold War

A photograph of men of the Royal Ulster Rifles marching through a Korean village.

Men of the Royal Ulster Rifles marching through a Korean village.

Image courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London (photo reference: 5600–01)

Book reviews

The reviews listed below relate to the study of the Cold War. Most are taken from the IHR's online reviews journal Reviews in History, but five new reviews have been specially commissioned for this issue of History in Focus: The People's State by Mary Fulbrook, Driving the Soviets up the Wall by Hope Harrison, The Cold War's Odd Couple by Steve Tsang, The Global Cold War by Odd Arne Westad and The Cold War: A History in Documents and Eyewitness Accounts edited by Jussi M. Hanhimäki and Odd Arne Westad. Readers must remember that this is only a selection of books from a vast number published on this topic.


Religion and the Cold War

edited by Dianne Kirby
Review by Merrilyn Thomas
Response by Dianne Kirby

The Cold War: The Essential Readings

edited by Klaus Larres and Ann Lane

Undermining the Kremlin: America's Strategy to Subvert the Soviet Bloc, 1947–1956

by Gregory Mitrovich

Acheson and Empire: The British Accent in American Foreign Policy

by John T. McNay

The Cold War Era

by Fraser J. Harbutt
Reviewed by Dianne Kirby
Response by John T. McNay

The Cold War: A History in Documents and Eyewitness Accounts

edited by Jussi M. Hanhimäki and Odd Arne Westad
Review by Vanessa Walker

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China (PRC and ROC)

Mao: A Life

by Philip Short
Review by Philip Richardson
Response by Philip Short

The Cold War's Odd Couple: The Unintended Partnership beween the Republic of China and the UK, 1950–58

by Steve Tsang
Review by Chi-Kwan Mark

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The Fall of the GDR: Germany's Road to Unity

by David Childs
Reviewed by Jan Palmowski
Response by David Childs

Germany from Defeat to Partition, 1945–1963

by D. G. Williamson
Review by Pertti Ahonen
Response by D. G. Williamson

Germany and the European East in the Twentieth Century

edited by Eduard Mühle
Reviewed by John Hiden

Politics and Popular Opinion in East Germany, 1945–68

by Mark Allinson
Review by Patrick Major

Dissolution: The Crisis of Communism and the End of East Germany

by Charles S. Maier
Review by Anne Deighton

Constructing Socialism at the Grass-Roots: The Transformation of East Germany, 1945–65

by Corey Ross
Review by Patrick Major

The People's State: East German Society from Hitler to Honecker

by Mary Fulbrook
Review by Josie McLellan

Driving the Soviets up the Wall: Soviet-East German Relations, 1953–1961

by Hope Harrison
Review by Jeannette Madarász

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The Revolutions of 1989

edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu
Review by Geoffrey Swain

The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of our Times

by Odd Arne Westad
Review by John W. Young

Kennedy, Macmillan and the Cold War: the Irony of Interdependence

by Nigel Ashton

Kennedy, de Gaulle and Western Europe

by Erin Mahan
Review by Kevin Ruane.

After the War Was Over: Reconstructing the Family, Nation and State in Greece, 1943–1960

edited by Mark Mazower
Review by Patrick Finney

Against the Cold War. The History and Political Traditions of Pro-Sovietism in the British Labour Party, 1945–89

by Darren G. Lilleker
Review by Jon Davis
Response by Darren G. Lilleker

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Soviet Union

Cold Peace: Stalin and the Soviet Ruling Circle, 1945–1953

by Yoram Gorlizki and Oleg Khlevniuk
Review by Miriam Dobson
Response by Yoram Gorlizki and Oleg Khlevniuk

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 1917–1991

by Richard Sakwa
Review by Peter Waldron
Response by Richard Sakwa

A History of Twentieth-Century Russia

by Robert Service
Review by Christopher Read

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