Research in progress on the history of London

Last updated: 21 November 2017

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Theses in progress


NOTE: the name of the university is followed by the student's department in brackets. We would welcome details of other relevant theses and dissertations.

Agate, Andrew. Suburban development in later Saxon and Norman England. PhD York (Medieval Studies)

Alderman, Eliot. The liturgical music of the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue in London since c.1657. PhD London (RHUL Music)

Almeroth-Williams, Thomas. Animals in 18th-century London. PhD York (History)

Annis, Benjamin E. The city printer and developments in the London printing industry during the mid-17th century: commercial opportunities and partisanship. DPhil Sussex (History)

Aranjo, Alexandre de. Jewish refugees in post-World War II France and Britain: being foreign in Paris and London. PhD Nottingham (History)

Attwood, Louise. History of inner city mission. MPhil London (Birkbeck History)

Austin, Louise. Urban missionaries: the Church of England and the conversion of Jewish immigrants in 19th century London and Birmingham. MPhil Leicester (Urban History)

Awcock, Hannah. Space, place and urban contentious politics in London. MPhil London (RHUL Geography)

Barnard, Helen. Women in the Metropolitan Police, 1919-45: on the front line. MPhil Greenwich (Education & Community Studies)

Bell, Beresford. The French chronicles of London. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Bennett, Alison. British collecting in East Africa 1880-1940, with special focus on the British Museum. PhD London (University College, History)

Berry, Charlotte. Margins and marginality in 15th-century London, 1370-1520. PhD London (IHR)

Bide, Bethan. Fashion in a time of austerity: London, 1945-51. MPhil London (RHUL Geography)

Bilous, Katharine. Monastic relations: vernacular literary production in 12th- and 13th-century Barking and St Albans. PhD York (Medieval Studies)

Blackmore, Kathleen. Witchcraft and magic in the early modern metropolis. MPhil London (Birkbeck History)

Bland, Eleanor C. Policing and the identification of offenders in Metropolitan London, 1780-1850. PhD Sheffield (History)

Blomfield, David G. Tradesmen of the Thames: success and failure among the watermen and lightermen families of the upper tidal Thames 1750-1901. PhD Kingston (Social Sciences)

Bloomfield, Jacob. Heroines, queens, goddesses and glamazons: theatrical male cross-dressing performance in 20th-century London. PhD Manchester (History)

Bodell, Sarah J. 'Filling in the gaps': medical missions in south-east London and the transition from Victorian charity to the welfare state, c.1900-60. PhD Warwick (History)

Boeles, Anna C. Material mnemonics and social relationships in London, 1470-1530. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Boreham, Natalie. Medical relief and the New Poor Law: a study of inner London workhouse infirmaries, 1834-67. PhD Brunel (Politics & History)

Bozos, Stavros. The social and national identities of ordinary Londoners and Athenians, 1850-1914. MPhil Leicester (Urban History)

Bridges, Brian G.T. Music hall licensing by the LCC. MPhil London (Birkbeck History) - suspended

Briscoe, Diana. The stamped wheel-turned pottery of Roman Britain and its relationship to the stamped hand-made pottery of the post-Roman period in Britain/London. PhD London (Inst. of Archaeology)

Brooke, Samantha N. Young activist? Political youth organisations in London, 1901-14. MSt Oxford (Modern History)

Brooke, Susannah. Private art collections and London town houses, 1780-1830. PhD Cambridge (History)

Broomfield, Margaret. The archaeology, topography and continuing context of the medieval leather industry in London, c.600-1600. PhD London (Inst. Archaeol.)

Brown, Peter. Londoners and the London church courts on the eve of the Reformation, 1518-29. MPhil/PhD London (RHUL History)

Brownlee, Mike. Economic and social change in the 19th century in south-west Middlesex and north-west Surrey: a comparative study of seven parishes bordering the Thames. PhD London (IHR)

Burdett, Sheila. 'The joy of the Lord is strength': Nehemiah Wallington and the Bible. Phil/PhD Surrey (St Mary's: History)

Burkett, Richard. The slave trade of London. PhD Hull

Campbell, Isla. Urban Inns 1690-1820: an historical and archaeological investigation. PhD London (KCL History)

Carter, Paul. Manifestations of enclosure resistance in Middlesex, 1656-1889. MPhil Middlesex (History)

Carvajal, F. Paul. Moral and market economies on the Thames, 1680-1820. PhD London (UCL History)

Cashman, Susannah. The crime of deception at the Old Bailey, 1750-1834. PhD London (UCL History)

Chapman, Leah. Inter-war second generation Jews in the East End. PhD Southampton (History)

Chen, Fu-Chia. London taxicabs. PhD York (History)

Clarke, Anne. Chantries in medieval London. MPhil/PhD London (RHUL History)

Clifford, Jim. Suburban and industrial growth in the lower Lea River Valley: an environmental history of West Ham from 1855 to 1935. PhD York University, Toronto (History)

Colville, Thomas. Mental capacity in the early Royal Society and beyond: intelligence and the new science in England, c.1650-1750. MPhil/PhD King's College London (History)

Collins, Sarah. Philanthropy, entrepreneurship and employment: comparing women's campaigns for professional opportunities in London and Berlin, 1860-1900. PhD Nottingham (History)

Combes, Helen. The parish of St Nicholas Shambles, London. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Constantine, Patsy. Holloway Prison: a history of the prison until 1968. MPhil London (Birkbeck)

Cormack, Andrew. The administration of the out-pension of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, in the early 18th century. PhD Southampton (History)

Corner, David M. Clothing London, 1660-1800. PhD London (UCL History)

Coventry, Lorna. The political and social structures of the court at Whitehall, 1603-98. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Cowan, Judith. Two early film pioneers: Will Barker (Ealing Studios) and G B Samuelson (Worton Hall Studios). PhD London (Birkbeck History)

Cox, David. 'A set of brave fellows'? An investigation into the use of Bow Street 'Runners' in provincial criminal investigations, 1792-1829. PhD Lancaster (Edge Hill History)

Daly, Mary. Sacred space in London. MPhil London (Goldsmiths: History)

Davies, Peter. Dark matter: economic intelligence in Whitehall, 1928-90. PhD London (QMUL, History)

Davies, Peter. The impact of the two world wars on the London livery companies. PhD Bangor (History)

de Aranjo, Alexandre. Jewish refugees in post-World War II France and Britain: being foreign in Paris and London. PhD Nottingham (History)

De Magalhaes Arruda, Paulo Henrique. One man, between two worlds: Hipólito José da Costa and the Luso-Anglo ‘dialogues’ made possible during his exile in London (1808-23). MPhil London (KCL History)

Desrochers, Suzanne. The transportation of women from London and Paris to America in the early modern period. MPhil London (KCL History)

Dettman, Sean. America and the blitz. MPhil/PhD London (IHR)

Dhillon, Kallum. Locating crime and criminality in Edwardian London: a GIS-based approach. PhD London (UCL Geography)

Dochuk, Gregory E. Religion and the teacher in inter-war London: the training of the teacher in religious education. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Dow, Elspeth. Eating the imperial: London's food culture and metropolitan identity, 1747-1860. PhD London (UCL History)

Doye, Zoe. The Labour party, local government (LCC) and citizenship, 1951-65. MPhil London (Birkbeck History)

Draper, Helen. Mary Beale and her 'paynting room' in London, 1655-65 and 1670-99. PhD London (IHR)

Draper, Nicholas A. 'Possessing slaves': ownership, compensation and metropolitan society at the time of emancipation. PhD London (UCL History)

Dyson, Francis. Challenging assumptions about amateur film of the inter-war years: Ace Movies and the first generation of London based cine-clubs. PhD East Anglia.

Easton-Neale, Jenny. 'Planning for Peace': a case-study within south east London, 1943-48. MA Greenwich (Humanities)

Fairbrother, Thomas D F. The Thames Valley under the houses of Lancaster and York. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Faucher, Charlotte. The history of the Institut Français in London. PhD London (QMUL History)

Fenton, Aliette. The social and economic impact of art in London, 1830-1900. MPhil Kent

Fitch, Gordon. The design, construction and maintenance of London Bridge in a European context. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Fitzpatrick, Desmond. The 18th-century Poor Law in Richmond. MPhil Surrey (St Mary's History)

Fox, Christopher. London Liberalism between the wars. MPhil London (RHUL History) - suspended

Freestone Mellor, Paula E. Sir George Scharf and the problem of authenticity at the National Portrait Gallery. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Georghiou, Dionysius. Carnivals in Greater London, 1890-1914: locality, leisure and voluntary action on the metropolitan periphery. MPhil London (QMUL History)

Gillin, Edward J. Building the fullest fountain of advancing civilisation: constructing the space of British parliament, c.1830-80. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Glover, Krissie. Property, crime and the home in London, c.1861-1914. PhD London (RHUL, History)

Goepel, Helen. Children and poverty in the Kingston -upon-Thames, 1834-1882. PhD Kingston (Social Sciences)

Grant, Katherina. A pupil perspective of progressive education at King Alfred School, 1930-60. PhD London (Institute of Education)

Gregory, Patricia A. Violent crime in London during the inter-war years. PhD Open (History)

Guyan, Kevin. Metropolitan masculinities: gender and space in London in the aftermath of war and decolonisation, c.1945-65. PhD London (UCL History)

Haggarty, Alistair. The Scottish medical community in London during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. PhD Aberdeen (History)

Hall, Joanne. Sharing human origins: from Palaeolithic collections to community involvement at the British Museum. MPhil London (RHUL Geography)

Har, Katherine J. The legacy of the Anglo-Norman legal treatise in the Leges Anglorum Londoniis collectae. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Hardegger, Daniel. PhD candidates in the humanities in the late 19th/early 20th century in Berlin, London and at Columbia University, New York. PhD London (LSE International History)

Harding-Wyatt, Sally. The life and career of Nicholas Barbon, c.1640-98. MPhil London (Birkbeck History)

Hausingbaum, Mark. No time for panic: the 1918 influenza pandemic in Britain revisited, with a particular focus on the response of medical health officers in Britain's major cities and towns, as well as the lessons for a future pandemic. PhD London (UCL History of Medicine)

Hayes, Melanie. Cross-currents in domestic development: the town house in London and Dublin, 1720-60. PhD Trinity College Dublin (History of Art)

Heath, Elizabeth. Sir George Scharf and the early National Portrait Gallery: reconstructing an intellectual and professional artistic world, 1857-95. DPhil Sussex (History of Art)

Hebbert, Benjamin. The music trade in London c.1650-1720. DPhil Oxford (St Cross Music)

Hellawell, Phillippa. The Royal Society and the sea: science, expertise and maritime knowledge, c.1660-1714e. MPhil/PhD King's College London (History)

Hemming, Eddie. Municipal incorporation, with particular reference to Greater London, c.1835-1955. MPhil London (Birkbeck Geography) - suspended

Hill, Alexandra. An analysis of the Stationers' Register and printing in London, 1557-1640. PhD St Andrews (History)

Hill, Alice M. McKay. Mobilisation of popular support for London radicals during the Revolutionary Wars. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Hodgson, Catherine J. The choreography of the crowd around Westminster – c.1750-1840. MPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Hope, Aaron. Early episcopal registration and the diocese of London, c.1244-1338. MPhil London (UCL History)

Hopps, Robert. Newspaper reporting and robbery in London, c.1780-1830. PhD Open (History)

Hotson, Anthony. Stabilising monetary systems: London's currency and credit markets from the 12th-21st centuries. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Hounsell, Peter. Brickmaking in west London, c.1750-1900. PhD Thames Valley (History)

Huggins, Lucy. The social and spatial worlds of Old Bailey convicts, 1750-1800. PhD Sheffield (History)

Hughes-Johnson, Alexandra. Rose Lamartine Yates and Wimbledon W.S.P.U.: reconfiguring suffragette history from the local to the national. PhD London (RHUL History)

Humphries, Barbara. The Labour party in west London. MPhil Reading (History)

Hupfel, Simon. The political economy of the silk industry, Lyon and London (1815-1848). PhD ENS-LSH, France

Ingram, John. Civic improvements in Philadelphia and London: municipal patriotisms in Britain and America, 1870-1925. MPhil/PhD King's College London (History)

Ishiguro, Laura. Death and the empire: medicine, mourning and identity in metropolitan England, 1872-1901. PhD London (UCL History)

Israngura Na Ayudhya, Tul. Masculinities at home: meanings and cultural practices of masculinities in 18th-century England, with special reference to the London domestic sphere (c.1660-1820). MPhil/PhD London (RHUL History)

James-Maddocks, Holly. Collaborative book production in 15th-century London. PhD York (Medieval Studies)

Javes, Graham. London vintners and their company: a social history, c.1300-c.1550. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Jenkin, Anna. Perceptions of the murderess in 18th-century London and Paris, 1674-1789. PhD Sheffield (History)

Jenkins, Gary. Christ's Hospital: charity and poor relief in the City of London c.1590-1670. MPhil/PhD London (Birkbeck)

Jevon, Kathryn. The Black Books of Lincoln's Inn. MPhil Birmingham (History)

Johansen, Michelle. The life and cultural location of Charles Goss: the lower-middle-class public librarian in London, 1890-1914. PhD East London (Cultural Studies)

Jones, Charlotte. A social history of Turkish baths in Victorian London. PhD London (UCL Geography)

Jones, Denise. The founder of modern philanthropy? Housing the poor: George Peabody and the work of the Peabody Trust in late 19th and early 20th century London. PhD Cardiff (History and Archaeology)

Kathrecha, Preeti. Identity construction among young Gujuratis in London. PhD London (RHUL)

Kennedy, David. History of the Kingston House of Correction, 1761-1852, with special reference to security, welfare, healthcare and reformation of prisoners. MA Kingston (Social Science)

Kennerley, David. Song and singing in Georgian London. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Klebba, Kristen. Civic green space in early modern London. PhD Cambridge (History)

Kiladi, Maria. The London Labour Choral Union, 1920-40: a musical institution of the left. PhD London (RHUL Music)

Kirby, Mark. Furnishing Wren's churches: Anglican identity in late seventeenth-century London. PhD York (History of Art)

Kirkland, Brad. Fourteenth-century history of the London Armourers’ Company and their involvement in the war in France. PhD York (Medieval Studies)

Klingler, Erika. Taking root: the Warburg Institute, 1933-44. MPhil London (Warburg)

Kobza, Megan. Ulterior identity in 18th-century London and transatlantic public spheres: anonymity, pseudonyms, and disguise. PhD Newcastle (History)

Kouta, Georgia. The London Greek diaspora and national politics: the Anglo-Hellenic League and the idea of Greece, 1913-19. MPhil/PhD King's College London (History)

Kropp, Catherine A. A municipal history of Berlin, London and Vienna, 1860-1914, with respect to the evolution of anti-semitism. PhD Cambridge (History)

Kunka, Françoise. Jeanne Deroin and the radical left: internation feminism and the European émigré community of 1848 in London. PhD Aberdeen (History)

Lacey, Kay E. London merchants: a social and economic study, 1444-1544. PhD London (LSE International History)

Laidman, Pamela. The London Bills of Mortality. PhD Roehampton (History)

Leach,  Doreen. Medieval London carpenters, c.1240-c.1540. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Leggett, Aenne. The Marian cult and Irish immigrant mothers and daughters in London. PhD Anglia Polytechnic (History)

Lester, Mary. Suburban identity and the idea of London: a comparative study of two boroughs, 1885-1925. PhD London (CMH/IHR) - suspended

Levin, John Simon Alex. 'This little republick': the debtors' sanctuary of Southwark Mint, 1697-1724. DPhil Sussex (History)

Lieshout, Carry van. London's changing waterscapes - water management in 18th-century London. PhD London (KCL Geography)

Lockhart, Rudolf. Pupil experiences at Westminster School, 1957-86. EdD London (Institute of Education)

Lomax, Percy. Why did the co-operative movement go into decline after the Second World War (with reference to London and eastern England)? PhD Essex (History)

Lyons, Rebecca. George IV and the London art world. PhD Cambridge

McCloskey, Dearbhaile. The Skinners Company and the plantation of Ulster, 1609-41. PhD Ulster (History)

McCreery, A.H. Architectures of acceleration: roads, travel and the design of Regency London. PhD London (UCL Architecture)

MacDiarmada, Mary. Art Ó Briain: the face of advanced Irish nationalism in London, c.1900-24. PhD St Patrick's College (History)

McKenzie, Sue. Female working class leisure patterns in south London, 1900-39. MA Greenwich (Humanities) - suspended

McNally, Jessica L. Identity and narrative: constructing the past of London's Holy Trinity Priory, 1107-1424. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

McNulty, Lee. Anticlericalism and the church courts. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Mackley, Andrew J. A north British interest in London: late 18th-century Scottish lobbying in Westminster, 1760-1832. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Malinson, Charlotte. Our history, our streets, our voice, our future: reclaiming the historiography of the Whitechapel murders. PhD Huddersfield (Music, Hum. & Media)

Mansel, Deirdre. Nineteenth century Catholic education in the diocese of Westminster. MPhil London (Institute of Education)

Mansell, James. Sounds modern: musical spaces in Paris and London, 1860-1914. PhD Manchester (History)

Martin, Alba. Barking Abbey, 1381-1539. MPhil London (QMUL History)

Martin, Susan J. From Victorian values to modern celebrity: the National Portrait Gallery, 1951-94. PhD London (IHR)

Mathieson, Stuart. The Victoria Institute 1865-1930: a case study in the relationship between science and religion. MPhil Belfast (History and Anthropology)

Mauranen, Katatrina. Displaying academic history: maritime artefacts in London's Science Museum. PhD Imperial College London (History of Science)

Meddelton, Geoffrey. Popular politics in mid 17th-century London. MA York (History)

Mercer, Alyson. Curating women: historical representations of women's wartime work at the Imperial War Museum. MPhil/PhD King's College London (History)

Milne, Sarah Anne. The Drapers' Company: archive and architecture, c.1540-1640. PhD Westminster (History)

Minashima, Madoka. The post-war housing reconstruction in London and Tokyo. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Mohd Sobri, Mohd Helmi. Middle-class, professional and utilitarian: the foundation of the University of London and the socio-cultural status of English liberal education, 1825-36. MPhil King's College London (History)

Morash, Christopher P. Metropolitan British perceptions of Canada and British North America, 1837-90. MSt Oxford (Modern History)

Morris, Linda. Victorian philanthropy: the St Barnabas House of Charity, Soho. PhD Liverpool (Chester College)

Moscovitch, Brant. A global university? LSE, empire and the shaping of post-colonial elites, 1918-47. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Moss, Amanda. The piety of a 15th-century London household. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Moss, Eloise. Cracking cribs: representations of burglars and burglary in London, 1860-1939. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Mulreany, Philip V. Entrepreneurship and the Dissenting communities of north London, 1750-1850. MPhil Sheffield (History)

Mulvey, Michael. 'Digging for gold': the Irish builder in post-war London - cultural constructs and empirical evidence. MLitt N.U.I. Maynooth (History)

Murray, Stephen. Bankside power station: planning, politics and pollution. PhD Leicester (Centre for Urban History)

Needon, Coleen. The Labour party in 1930s London. MPhil Reading (History)

Newman, Ben. Geography in dialogue: print culture at the Royal Geographical Society (with I.B.G.), c.1830-c.2000. MPhil London (RHUL Geography)

Nex, Jenny. Socio-economics of musical instrument making in London, c.1750-1810. MPhil/PhD London (Goldsmiths Sociology)

Nightingale, Jamie. The School Board for London and the training ship tradition: the T.S. Shaftesbury's literal, metaphorical and institutional spaces. PhD London (RHUL, History)

O'Brien Dillon, Lizzie. The language of persecution: anti-Catholic polemic in Restoration London. PhD London (KCL History)

O'Donnell, Kimberley B. 'Doing their bit': dogs in the British armed forces and London civil defence region in the Second World War. MPhil/PhD King's College London (History)

Oakeshott, Rosemary. Politics, people and the parish church in early Victorian London: the contest for cultural, secular and religious areas of authority and power in the ecclesiastical parish. MPhil Oxford Brookes (Humanities)

Oliver, Christine. Growing up in the care of the Thomas Coram Foundling Hospital, 1900-55. MPhil London (Institute of Education)

Orr, David. Hegemony and the law in London, 1818-32. PhD Lancaster (Edge Hill History)

Orriss, Kirsten J. Gender and murder in Georgian England: a study of men and women charged with murder in Yorkshire and the Metropolitan region, c.1711-1832. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Osborne, Angelina. The London West India interest. PhD Hull (History)

Osborne, Irving M. The education of Jewish immigrants' children in east London, c. 1870-1914. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Ostler, Patricia. London's livery companies, c.1660-1800. MPhil/PhD London (Birkbeck History)

Palfreyman, Harriet. Visualising venereal disease in London, 1780-1860. PhD Warwick (History)

Parr, B.W. Troop morale and popular culture in London during the First World War. PhD Cambridge (History)

Paternaude, Troy. The one-man exhibition of art in late 18th and early 19th century London. PhD York (History)

Paton, Mona B. East London housing, 1890-1939: landlords, tenants and councils. PhD London (Birkbeck Geography)

Pavitt, Geoff. The role of merchants and traders of the City of London in the importation of foreign influences on London's artistic culture during the 16th century. MPhil London (KCL History)

Payne, Joseph. The Royal Mint in crisis? Public offices, private enterprises and technical innovation: the career of Assay Master Alchorne (1727-1800). PhD Lancaster (History)

Phillips, Kathryn. The Whitechapel murders and degeneration: an investigation of biological and class anxiety. MPhil Worcester (Humanities & Creative Arts)

Pietsch, Roland. The Marine Society during the Seven Years' War. PhD London (QMC History)

Pitman, Sophie. Tailoring the city: making of London and the making of clothing, c.1560-1640. PhD Cambridge (History)

Pountney, Carole. The emergence of a new middle class in late Victorian suburbs. MPhil Open (History)

Power, Katie. From Shund to Kunst? London Yiddish theatre, 1906-50. MPhil Southampton (History)

Prendergast, Ciarian. An analysis and edition of the charters of St-Martin-le-Grand, a college of secular canons in the City of London, 1066-1400. MPhil London (QMUL History)

Proctor, Alice. London's disabled poor: categorisation in context. PhD Leicester (Urban History)

Quick, Thomas. Nature's ethos: zoology, psychology and morality in imperial Britain. PhD London (UCL History of Medicine)

Ramenaden, Matthew. Parliamentary politics in the City of London, 1865-1885. PhD Toronto (History)

Randall, M.J. Short-termism in the City of London and its perceived effects on the development of the British economy in the 20th century. PhD Cambridge (Economics)

Raynor, Julian. Murder in the metropole: the changing nature of homicide in London and Middlesex, 1750-1900. PhD Leicester (English Local History)

Rein, Howard. A comparative study of the Jewish hospital in London and the German hospital in London. PhD Southampton (History)

Rhys, Leah. The Ironmongers Company of London. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Richardson, Joseph. Russian revolutionaries in London during the 1890s. MSt Oxford (Modern History)

Richardson, R. Thom. Medieval inventories of the Tower armouries, 1320-1410. PhD York (History)

Ridge, Steve. Medical truth and the governance of servants, labourers and paupers in England, 1650-1750. PhD London (UCL History of Medicine)

Rinalducci, Jenna. Artists' exhibition spaces in London, 1849-77. DPhil Sussex (History)

Ronald, Allan. The Scots Episcopalian diaspora in London 1690-1730, with particular reference to the Revd. James Hume and his circle. MPhil London (KCL History)

Rooney, David. The traffic problem: geographies, politics and technologies of congestion in 20th-century London. PhD London (RHUL Geography)

Roth, Carolyn. Bilingual health advocacy in maternity care: the history of two East London initiatives, 1980-2001. MPhil London (LSHTM)

Salvesen Murrell, Fiona. William Shiels R.S.A. (1783-1857): identity, scientific enquiry and his cross-cultural art world in Edinburgh, London, New York and Charleston. PhD Aberdeen (History of Art)

Semus, Kate. Sport and community in south west London, 1870-1914: social reform or social control? PhD Kingston (Humanities)

Shack, Neville. The House of Lords in the 20th century. PhD Exeter (History)

Sharp, Pippa. Art and order: the culture and work of a London general hospital during the Great War. An evaluation of the life and community of the 3rd London General Hospital in Wandsworth. PhD Kingston (Economics, Politics and History)

Shaw, Peter. A history of the provision of treatment for mental health in nineteenth-century Surrey. PhD London (UCL History of Medicine)

Shaw, Sam. The art galleries of London, 1890-1920. PhD York (History of Art)

Shepherd, Dianne. Working-class female agency in 'outcast London': the East End of London, 1840-1914. PhD Hertfordshire (History)

Smith, Christopher. London Jewry and the First World War: patriotism, identity and the politics of integration. MPhil/PhD King's College London (History)

Smith, Michael W. The London-based companies of British Borneo: their role in gentlemanly capitalism, 1856-1914. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Stanley, William J. Spaced out: an investigation into drug communities of London, 1950-75. MSt Oxford (Modern History)

Stieva, Rebecca D. A new perspective on the cholera epidemic of 1853-4 in London, England. MSt Oxford (Modern History)

Strimpel, Zoe. From friendship clubs to a London study of metropolitan courtship, 1970 to the present. DPhil Sussex (History)

Sumanadasa, Udage. Quality of life: experiences of south Asian older people in London. MPhil/PhD London (CCBH/IHR)

Sykes, Adele. Late medieval London society. PhD London (RHUL History)

Tang, Kevin A. Tracing policy by ports: the economic growth of port cities and British colonial development policy. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Thackrey, Eleanor. Music and nation in World War II London. PhD London (RHUL Music)

Thomas, Teresa J. Hijacking the Olympic spirit: Britain's appropriation of the 1948 London Games. MSt Oxford (Modern History)

Thorpe, Lara. Plague prevention in early modern London, 1583-1665. MPhil London (RHUL History)

Thorpe, Tom. Unit cohesion in batallions of the London Regiment, 1908-18. PhD London (KCL War Studies)

Tsakiropoulou, Ioanna Z. The city lady in the godly city: gender, religion and social obligations in London, c.1600-30. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Turner, David A. The development and quality of management on the London and South Western Railway, 1876-1911. PhD York (History)

Valentine, Eleanor. Musical performances of World War II in London. PhD London (RHUL Music)

Walford, Rex. The Anglican church in Middlesex, 1918-45. PhD Anglia Polytechnic (History)

Warren, Ian. The gentry, the nobility, and London residence c.1600-1675. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Webb, Cliff. Geographical and social origins of London apprentices, 1580-1780. MPhil Roehampton (History) - suspended

Webber, Megan. Agency of London beneficiaries, 1688-1830. PhD Hertfordshire (History)

Wells, Pamela. Past and present: issues of time in the work of the St John's Wood clique and associated artists. PhD Leeds Trinity (History)

Wiedel-Kaufmann, Ben. Wall painting and the conjuncture: London's exterior murals, 1970-86. PhD Plymouth (Humanities)

Whitehead, Nicola M. Partisan publishing: Humphrey Moseley, a Royalist stationer in London, 1640-60. DPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Willcocks, Lewis J. The influence of the London money market on different types and the centre of American railroad finance c.1830-c.1870 and lessons for industrial policy. MPhil Oxford (Modern History)

Woodall, Ann. The London residuum in the ideologies of Karl Marx and William Booth. PhD London Metropolitan (Economics)

Woodcock, Sally. Charles Roberson, London colourman and the supply of painting materials, 1820-1920. PhD Cambridge (History)

Woolven, Robin. The regional system of government in London, 1938-45. MPhil/PhD London (CCBH/IHR)

Yan, Yang. School education in 16th-century London. MPhil/PhD London (IHR)

Yang, Xu. Early modern London and the rules of business: London merchants and institutions, c.1500-1800. MPhil London (IHR)

Yoji, Hajime. The London gold commodity market in the British monetary structure prior to World War I. PhD Manchester (History)



Theses recently awarded

 (Please consult the Bibliography of British and Irish History for theses awarded before 2006)

Abernethy, Simon T. Class, commuting and gender in Greater London, 1880-1940. PhD Cambridge (History), 2016

Allwright, Lucy. The war on London: defending the city from the war in the air, 1932-43. PhD Warwick (History), 2011

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Walker, Timothy. Residents of Clapham (Surrey) in the seventeenth century. One of the largest centres of merchant housing outside London from the 1640s and a centre of nonconformity with many merchants active in City politics and parliament. The research examines the connections between the residents, how they intermarried, and links this to the houses and inventories.

Wathey, Andrew. Church music in English towns, 1450-1550. (AHRB-funded project at Royal Holloway, jointly directed with Caroline Barron)

Whitehead, Chris. 19th century museum planning and architecture in London; and, the 18th century Anglo-Italian marble trade, particularly through the Port of London.