Cultural history

16 Jan 2012

English children's work during the Second World War

Professor Berry Mayall (Institute of Education)
9 Jan 2012

Taking the Field: Telling the Stories of Grassroots Cricket

Dr Emma Peplow (University of Glamorgan/Marylebone Cricket Club)
5 Jan 2012

British Travellers in Italy in the 18th century

Professor Roey Sweet (University of Leicester)
28 Nov 2011

Macaulay and Son: an imperial story

Professor Catherine Hall (UCL)
31 Oct 2011

The Race for Supremacy: The Politics of 'White' Sport in South Africa, 1880-1910

Dr Dean Allen (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)
11 Oct 2011

The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland - Five years on: a review

Peter Hoare (Nottingham), Ian Willison, CBE and others
3 Oct 2011

Sport and Civilian Morale in Second World War Britain

Professor Matthew Taylor (De Montfort University)
14 Jul 2011

The Fourth Voluntary Action History Society Research Conference

Hugh Cunningham (University of Kent) and Clare Midgley (Sheffield Hallam University)
19 Jun 2011

Football and National Identity in Post-War England

Christoph Wagner (De Montfort University) and Dr Dilwyn Porter (De Montfort University)
17 Jun 2011

Cultures of Memory in Early Modern England

Kate Hodgkin (UEL), Kate Chedgzoy (Newcastle), Andrew Hiscock (Bangor), Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge), Andy Wood (East Anglia)
13 Jun 2011

Text Mining the Old Bailey Proceedings

Professor Tim Hitchcock (Hertfordshire)