Metropolitan History

Archived podcasts from the IHR's Metropolitan History seminar series

13 Mar 2019

Shopping for pets in nineteenth and twentieth-century London

Jane Hamlett (Royal Holloway); Rebecca Preston (Royal Holloway)
10 Oct 2018

E.M. Forster and Edwardian London

Roland Quinault, IHR
15 Feb 2017

The ancient city of Rome as a site for diplomacy

Hannah Cornwell (Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study)
12 Oct 2016

Department stores and the discourse of modernity in early 20th-century Berlin fiction

Godela Weiss-Sussex (Institute of Modern Languages Research)
13 Mar 2013

"Riding on Top of the Car": The cinematic tram and urban transformation

Karolina Kendall-Bush (University College London)