Archives and Society

1 Mar 2016

Panel of Scientific Archives

Polly Parry (The Natural History Museum), Susan Gordon (UCL/Wellcome Trust), Tim Powell (The National Archives)
24 Nov 2015

The Micro-museums Archives Project

Fiona Candlin (Birkbeck), Stefan Dickers (Bishopsgate Institute)
17 Mar 2015

Archiving the Arts

Louise Piffero (The National Archives), Fleur Soper (The National Archives), Arike Oke (Rambert), Erin Lee (The National Theatre) and Alan Crookham (The National Gallery)
11 Nov 2014

The Aesthetic Archive

Michael Takeo Magruder (King's College London)
4 Mar 2014

The Day Parliament Burned Down

Caroline Shenton (Parliamentary Archives)
6 Nov 2012

Computer-Assisted Review

Kirsten Ferguson-Boucher (University of Aberystwyth)
23 Oct 2012

Exploring Participatory Approaches to Archives

Dr Andrew Flinn (UCL) and Anna Sexton (UCL)
8 May 2012

Advocacy for the archive sector

Marie Owens (Archives and Records Association)
6 Mar 2012

Electronic records/digital preservation

Simon Wilson (Hull History Centre)
21 Feb 2012

The Olympics, documentation strategy and the Minnesota Method

Cathy Williams (The National Archives)
4 Oct 2011

Freedom of Information

Ben Worthy (University College London)