History Now and Then

A series of six public lectures on current issues raised by the study of the past

Chair: Daniel Snowman

5 October 2016: Rhodes statue and Beyond: How far can/should history be re-written in accordance with current values?  History and the pros and cons of ‘apology’.  Are there things about the past that it is not acceptable to mention (or research)?
Panel: Martin Daunton, Margot Finn, Jinty Nelson & David Starkey

2 November 2016: History and Change: Is history necessarily the story of ‘change’?  Who/what makes things change? The role of ‘Great men/women’ - and other factors?
Panel: Margaret MacMillan, Rana Mitter, Andrew Roberts & Gareth Stedman Jones

7 December 2016: The Focus of History: Much history is national history.  But should ‘history’ focus on the nation?  Or the locality - or maybe the wider world?  Or on ‘things’?  And should it have a short, precisely defined temporal focus - or a longer durée?
Panel: Maxine Berg, Jerry Brotton, Richard Drayton & Chris Wickham

11 January 2017: Lessons from the Past: Does history ‘repeat itself’?  What kind of ‘lessons’ can we learn from history?  ‘Counterfactual’ history: could the past have been different?
Panel: Jeremy Black, Taylor Downing, Ian Mortimer & Lucy Riall

8 February 2017: History and Religion(s): What role has religion played in the unfolding of history?  Has it  provided a fundamental motivating force?  Or has religion primarily reflected deeper socioeconomic trends and priorities?
Panel: Felicity Heal, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Miri Rubin & Brian Young

9 March 2017: The Future of the Past: How will future historians judge today’s historiography?  What do we over-emphasise (or under-emphasise)?  ‘Big’ History, ‘big’ data: how is ‘history’ changing in the digital age?
Panel: Caroline Barron, Anne Curry, Charlotte Roueché & Jane Winters

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2 Nov 2016

History Now and Then - History and Change

Chair: Daniel Snowman (Institute of Historical Research, Margaret MacMillan, Rana Mitter, Andrew Roberts, Gareth Stedman Jones