Lord Asa Briggs: A Celebration

Lord Asa Briggs, one of the country’s most distinguished living historians, turns ninety this year, and he and his remarkable contribution to academic history to the development of Victorian studies, the history of communication and his role in the growth of modern universities are considered and assessed in this one-day colloquium co-hosted with the British Association for Victorian Studies.
The Secretary of the Society for the Study of Labour History, John McIlroy, has written a Note on Asa Briggs and the Emergence of Labour History in Post-War Britain.
A PDF version of the text is available here.

18 May 2011

01 Introductions

Miles Taylor, David Cannadine
18 May 2011

04 Universities

Malcolm Chase, Matthew Cragoe, Daniel Weinbren, James Raven,
18 May 2011

03 Communications

Sian Nicholas, Jean Seaton, Paul Lay
18 May 2011

02 Victorian Studies

Rohan McWilliam, Martin Hewitt, Francesca Carnevali, Frank Bongiorno, Asa Briggs