Teaching History in Higher Education

This year, the Higher Education Academy’s annual teaching and learning conference on history in higher education was again held in partnership with the Institute of Historical Research in Senate House, London. 
Teachers of history and history-related subjects in higher education are becoming increasingly aware of the relationship between research-led and research-informed teaching and, as a consequence, are appreciating the importance and urgency about engaging with pedagogic research, innovation and theory in order to inform, enhance and support both the student and staff experience.
Higher education is constantly changing in the UK and elsewhere. Students (and their parents) have greater expectations of their course, institution and learning experience and a variety of measures of excellence in teaching, learning and educational outcomes, some of them contentious, are informing their institutional choices.
Conference sessions explored theory and practices in teaching, learning and assessment in critical areas such as public history education; the use of digital and other new technologies; the relationship between school and university history; pedagogic theory, practice and the student experience; ethical dimensions and the teaching of ‘controversial’ subjects; policy, policy-makers and strategy. The conference aimed to provide opportunities to disseminate and showcase evidence-informed practise from the higher education sector, facilitate discussion and debate and provide networking opportunities for participants.

10 Sep 2013

Round Table: Issues in teaching the wider world

Machel Bogues; Peter D'Sena; Richard J. Evans; Nick Guyatt; Su Lin Lewis; Nicola Sheldon; Jason Todd