1807 Commemorated is a research tool for those involved in the presentation and commemoration of painful pasts.

The results of the three phases of the project will be relayed through a series of conferences and workshops. These events organised for museum practitioners and academics will enable the dissemination of results and the generation of practical solutions to the representation of abolitionism, enslavement and traumatic histories to the public.

The literature concerning the wider topics of memory, museum and heritage studies as well as the commemoration of 1807 is immense and at times complex. To counter this, an accurate and substantial list of relevant material is supplied and reviewed here. A glossary containing terms which are used throughout this website is also given to facilitate easy comprehension of the subject matter.

A list of relevant links to organisations involved in the commemoration of 1807 is presented to enable the apprehension of how different groups have responded to remembering the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade.

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