28 Jan 2013

La Bataille du Rail? New Interpretations of Cheminots in Vichy France

Ludivine Broch (Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism/Birkbeck)
16 Jan 2013

'Rolland, Gandhi and Madeleine Slade: Spiritual Politics, France and the Wider World'

Ruth Harris (Professor of European History and Fellow of New College, Oxford)
5 Jan 2012

British Travellers in Italy in the 18th century

Professor Roey Sweet (University of Leicester)
24 May 2011

The Origins of Chemical Warfare in the French Army

Dr Jonathan Krause (University of Greenwich)
26 Apr 2010

The Waffen-SS - what's left? The present state of research: challenges, sources and approaches

Dr Niels Bo Paulson (Centre for Military History, Royal Danish Defence College)