17 Nov 2016

Pieter Geyl and the 18th Century

Reinier Salverda (University College London / Fryske Akademy Leeuwarden)
15 Nov 2016

History Day 2016 - Public History

Professor Lawrence Goldman (IHR), Dr Alix Green (Essex), Dr Suzannah Lipscomb (NCH)
13 Oct 2016

The Past Re-viewed: Adam Curtis for Historians

Luke O'Sullivan  (National University of Singapore)
12 Oct 2016

Department stores and the discourse of modernity in early 20th-century Berlin fiction

Godela Weiss-Sussex (Institute of Modern Languages Research)
7 Mar 2016

Amish Women: Work, Life and Change

Fran Handrick (University of Birmingham)
4 Mar 2016

The torn halves: conflicts over a Marxist aesthetic in Weimar Germany

Martin Gaughan (Cardiff Metropolitan University), Grant Mandarino (University of Michigan)
22 Feb 2016

Paris at War, 1939-1944

David Drake
13 Jan 2016

History Now and Then - Rewriting the Past

Chair: Daniel Snowman, Penelope Corfield, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Ian Kershaw, Jonathan Steinberg
30 Nov 2015

Rural Associational Culture and Leisure - Jeremy Burchardt

Dr Jeremy Burchardt (University of Reading)