20th Century

25 Jun 2012

Boom and Bust: The Edwardian Roller Skating Boom, 1908-1912

Sean Creighton (Independent historian; Editor of 'History & Social Action Publications')
5 Apr 2012

William Thomas Stead et le Titanic, ou la fin des utopies

Jean-Claude Sergeant (émérite Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle)
27 Mar 2012

The Historical Geography of Philanthropy in England and Wales

Professor Nigel Goose (University of Hertfordshire)
19 Mar 2012

Sport's Role in 1951's Festival of Britain

Iain Wilton (Queen Mary, University of London)
7 Feb 2012

Taxation and Society in Twentieth Century Argentina

José Antonio Sánchez Román (Universidad Complutense, Spain)
1 Feb 2012

Flaring Lights and Urgent Cries: London street markets c.1850-1939

Victoria Kelley (University for the Creative Arts)
30 Jan 2012

Disability and Voluntarism in Britain, 1965-1995: an effective force in policy making?

Gareth Millward (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)
19 Jan 2012

Oral History in Conditions of Political Conflict and Controversy

Carrie Hamilton (Roehampton University)