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Richard II's treasure

the riches of a medieval king

A photo of a the Munich crown

Crown, c. 1380 and 1402: Munich, Schatzkammer der Residenz (Bayerische Verwaltung der Staatlichen Schlösser, Gärten und Seen) Inv. no. 16. See crowns.

The treasure roll of Richard II, compiled in 1398/9, offers a rare insight into the magnificence of a late medieval English king. The roll, unknown until it was rediscovered in the 1990s, describes in exceptional detail the crowns, jewels, and other precious objects belonging to the king and to his two queens, Anne of Bohemia and Isabelle of France.

The value of the items listed on the roll is extraordinary even by modern standards, as is the craftsmanship and skill that went into their production. Many have an intriguing story to tell of high politics, international relations, and artistic patronage in England and France.

This website brings the treasure to life through images - of the roll, of Richard himself and of many exquisite objects. Among them is the beautiful crown, now in Munich, the only object described in the roll which certainly survives today.

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A detail of Richard II's treasure roll
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