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Richard II's treasure

the riches of a medieval king


Annuity a yearly allowance or income
Astrolabe an astronomical instrument used for finding and predicting the positions of the sun and the stars
Balas rubyrose-red variety of spinel ruby
Baldric belt, often highly decorated, worn from one shoulder diagonally across the chest
basse taille see enamel en basse taille
Broom (genêt) one of the heraldic badges of Charles VI of France in the form of branches, seed pods (broomcods), or broom flowers. Adopted by Richard II in 1396.
Chafing-ball small, round, metal container for heated charcoal, oil, etc., to warm the hands
Ciborium receptacle to safeguard the host (bread consecrated during the mass)
Curtana or the Sword of Mercy, was one of the three swords carried before the monarch at the coronation
Diptych painting or other representation composed of two hinged leaves which close like a book
Egg tempera pigment mixed with egg. This allows the full purity of colour, especially the deep blue of ultamarine, to be exploited
Enamel clear or coloured glass powdered and fired to fuse with a metal surface
Enamel en basse taille translucent enamel over a surface worked in relief to create light and shade
Enamel sur ronde-bosse enamel in the round or in high relief
Enamel rouge cler translucent red enamel over gold
Escutcheon shield or shield-shaped emblem bearing a coat of arms
Fleuron (of a crown) lily-shaped pinnacle
Gesso prepared surface of plaster under gilding or paint
Hanap cup, goblet or beaker
Holy-water bucket container to hold water which has been blessed for use in church, etc.
Impaled two coats of arms set side by side on a shield
Latten copper alloy resembling modern brass but usually containing tin as well as zinc
Mazer drinking vessel made of maple or other wood often with a metal rim
Musk-ball small, round, metal container for musk or other sweet-scented compounds
Nef container in the shape of a ship, an almsdish or salt-cellar of this shape; an incense-boat
Paten shallow dish or plate on which the bread is laid during the celebration of the Eucharist and usually made to match a chalice
Pax tablet of precious metal, ivory, etc., decorated with a sacred image, for transferring the kiss of peace at the mass from the celebrant to the clergy and laity
Plaque (of a crown) segment of the circlet or band
pointillé pattern formed of dots incised with a fine point
Pyx small container for the consecrated host, usually a round ivory or metal box
Quadrant instrument used to find the angle between the horizon and a heavenly body, used for navigation
Relic a body part or personal article such as clothing venerated for its association with Christ, a saint, martyr, or other holy person or place
ronde-bosse see enamel sur ronde-bosse
rouge cler see enamel rouge cler
Reliquary container for a relic
Salt container for salt, often with a decorative construction supporting the salt-cellar
Scullery (from Latin scutella; Old French escuillerie), department of the royal household charged with the care of plates, dishes and saucers
Spinel ruby gemstone resembling the true oriental ruby, often pinkish in colour

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