Podcasts presented in 2010

30 Nov 2010

Libraries at risk

Professor David McKitterick (Trinity College, Cambridge)
26 Nov 2010

Panel 4: Moving goods, capital and people

Richard Vahrenkamp (Universität Kassel) and Victor Marquez (Cornell University)
26 Nov 2010


Peter Hall and plenary speakers
25 Nov 2010

Plenary Sessions

Colin Divall (University of York) and Maxwell Lay (ConnectEast, Melbourne, Australia)
25 Nov 2010

Panel 1: Roman roads

Cornelis van Tilburg (University of Leiden), David Newsome (University of Birmingham) Francesco Trifiló (University of Kent) and Ray Laurence (University of Kent)
25 Nov 2010

Panel 3: congestion represented

Charissa N.Terranova, Massimo Moraglio and Richarda Vidal
22 Nov 2010

Post-war British Holidaymaking

Martin Cohen (Queen Mary University) and Susan Barton (De Montfort University)
8 Nov 2010

From 'Sport for Good' to 'Sport for Sport's Sake': Reversing into the Past

Professor Michael Collins (University of Gloucestershire)
12 Oct 2010

Gender and sociability in early modern London

Tim Reinke-Williams (Northampton)
10 Oct 2010

Representing the Nation? Welsh Rugby, Its Players and the Imaginary

Professor Tony Collins (Leeds Metropolitan University)