Podcasts presented in 2011

6 Dec 2011

Digital Landscapes and Archaeology

Peter Rauxloh (Musuem of London Archaeology)
28 Nov 2011

Macaulay and Son: an imperial story

Professor Catherine Hall (UCL)
25 Nov 2011

Education and National Identity in Modern Scotland

Professor Emeritus Robert Anderson (University of Edinburgh)
23 Nov 2011

Urbanizing China in war and peace, Wuxi 1911-1945

Toby Lincoln (Centre for Urban History, Leicester)
18 Nov 2011

Does the success of historical fiction benefit or threaten academic history?

Jackie Eales (Canterbury Christ Church University/Historical Association), Cora Kaplan (Queen Mary University of London), Paul Lay (History Today), Stella Tillyard (author and historian)
18 Nov 2011

The differences and similarities between historical fiction and academic history (video)

Maria Margaronis (The Nation), Ian Mortimer (author and historian), Beverley Southgate (University of Hertfordshire), Rebecca Stott (author, University of East Anglia)
18 Nov 2011

The popularity of historical fiction (video)

Elizabeth Chadwick (author), Justin Champion (Royal Holloway University of London), Tracey Loughran (University of Cardiff), Peter Straus (Rogers, Coleridge and White)
17 Nov 2011

Novel Approaches podcasts

Paul Lay, David Loades, Hilary Martel, Alison Weir, Elizabeth Chadwick, Justin Champion, Tracy Loughran, Peter Straus, Maria Margaronis, Ian Mortimer, James Forrester, Beverly Southgate, Rebecca Stott, Jackie Eales, Cora Kaplan, Stella Tillyard
15 Nov 2011

Does the Digital change anything?

Valerie Johnson and David Thomas (TNA)
15 Nov 2011

Great wealth in Argentina, 1810-1930

Roy Hora (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes)
11 Nov 2011

Biology, Brain Theory and History

Professor Joanna Bourke (Birkbeck); Dr Lisa Blackman (Goldsmiths); Dr Hera Cook (Birmingham); Professor Roger Cooter (UCL)