Dickins & Jones was incorporated in 1900, although the store’s roots reached back to the linen drapery of Thomas Dickins and William Smith of 1803. The company was originally housed on Oxford Street but moved in 1835 to Regent Street, where the flagship store remained until 2006. When the Dickins family was no longer interested in running the store in the 1910s, Harrod’s Stores Ltd. purchased the controlling interest. Harrod’s had only just taken over Dickins & Jones when the war began, which was shortly followed by the store’s delivery horses being commandeered by the government. Furthermore, many staff members enlisted, leaving the store facing a serious challenge to keep up its previous service until 1919. House of Fraser acquired Harrod’s in 1959, thereby taking in Dickins & Jones. The store continued to run until January 2006, when the flagship store was closed and other stores were rebranded House of Fraser. Women’s clothing under the brand Dickins & Jones is still available at House of Fraser stores.