McDonald Ltd. opened in Glasgow in 1913 when the retail section of Stewart & McDonald Ltd. broke away from the larger business. Stewart & McDonald Ltd. itself had origins in1826, but incorporated in 1900 with its offices in Glasgow. The store, located at 21/31 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, sold mostly ladies fashion although it also carried household linens and a few lines in menswear. The McDonalds catalogue is included in this exhibition to provide an example of a department store outside London. House of Fraser acquired Stewart & McDonald in 1951, but the ties between the two companies traced back to the 19th century when Hugh Fraser, a founder of House of Fraser, apprenticed to Stewart & McDonald, rising to manager in 1849. Therefore, the archives of Stewart & McDonald Ltd. are held in the House of Fraser Archives at the University of Glasgow. It is through their kindness that this catalogue (University of Glasgow Archive Services, McDonald’s Ltd. collection, GB0248 FRAS 99/10) has been included in this exhibition.