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Richard II's treasure

the riches of a medieval king


1327 Edward III becomes king
1328 Marriage of Edward III to Philippa of Hainault
1330 Birth of Edward, later the Black Prince
1337 Start of the Hundred Years War with France
1340 Edward asserts his claim to the French crown by quartering the leopards of England with the fleurs de lis of France
1340 Birth of John of Gaunt, later duke of Lancaster
1355 Birth of Thomas of Woodstock, later duke of Gloucester
1361 Marriage of the Black Prince to Joan of Kent, widow of Sir Thomas Holland, mother of Thomas Holland, later earl of Kent, and John Holland, later earl of Huntingdon and duke of Exeter
1367 Birth of Richard II at Bordeaux
1369 Death of Queen Philippa
1374 Marriage of Thomas of Woodstock to Eleanor de Bohun, daughter and co-heiress of the earl of Hereford
1376 Death of the Black Prince
1377 Death of Edward III: Richard II becomes king
1378 Papal schism begins: rival Popes, Urban VI in Rome and Clement VII in Avignon
1380 Death of Charles V of France, accession of Charles VI aged twelve
1380 Marriage of Henry of Bolingbroke, earl of Derby, son of John of Gaunt, to Mary de Bohun, daughter and co-heiress of the earl of Hereford
1381 The Peasants' Revolt: Tower of London sacked: archbishop of Canterbury and treasurer of England murdered
1382 Marriage of Richard II to Anne of Bohemia, daughter of the Emperor Charles IV and sister of Wenceslas of Bohemia
1385 Death of Joan of Kent
1386 'Wonderful Parliament': Thomas of Woodstock and Richard, earl of Arundel, lead the attack on the extravagance of the royal household and the policy of peace with France. A controlling council imposed on the king.
1388 'Merciless Parliament': the Lords Appellant, Gloucester, Arundel, Thomas, earl of Warwick, Thomas Mowbray, earl of Nottingham, and Henry of Bolingbroke, attack the king's close advisors, several of whom are executed
1389 Richard II declares himself to be of age and takes charge of government.
Peace negotiations with France begin.
1393 Westminster Hall rebuilt with a magnificent new roof
1394 Anne of Bohemia dies. Richard II commissions their double tomb in Westminster Abbey.
Richard II's first expedition to Ireland.
1395 Richard II first impales his arms with the supposed arms of Edward the Confessor
1396 Meeting between Richard II and Charles VI of France at Ardres, near Calais. Twenty-eight year truce sealed. Richard marries Isabelle (b. 1389), eldest daughter of Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria. Isabelle brings a sumptuous trousseau.
1397 'Revenge Parliament': Richard II attacks the Lords Appellant of 1388. Gloucester is murdered and Arundel executed. Arundel's brother, Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, and Warwick are exiled. Their forfeited lands and goods swell Richard's treasure. Bolingbroke and Mowbray are pardoned.
1398 Richard II forbids the duel between Bolingbroke and Mowbray who had accused each other of treason. Both are exiled. Mowbray dies in Venice in 1399
1399 Death of John of Gaunt. Richard II seizes the estates of the duchy of Lancaster.
Second expedition of Richard II to Ireland.
Bolingbroke lands at Ravenspur in Yorkshire and claims the crown of England.
Richard II returns, is captured and then deposed by Bolingbroke, who assumes the crown as Henry IV.
1400 Richard II dies in Pontefract Castle
1401 Isabelle is returned to France with the valuables of her trousseau
1402 Marriage of Blanche, elder daughter of Henry IV, to Louis III of Bavaria

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Richard II