The Documentary Resources

We gathered a mass of materials to inform the Project. Some are available in the various archives we visited, but some were donated by individuals and are unique. The original material - mainly the survey forms, photographs and exercise books which have been donated to us - has been deposited in the archives of the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL, together with hard copies of the transcripts of the interviews, plus a digital copy of the sound file and digital copies of the photographs of school work as shown on this website.

The following list gives the interested researcher a flavour of what is in the Project Archive at the Institute of Education:-

  • Original survey forms
  • School materials donated
  • Digital photographs of school work loaned
  • Teachers' notes and booklets recording their lessons
  • Digital files of the interviews
  • Transcripts of all the interviews
  • Paperwork associated with organising the History in Education Project, including the oral history collection.

All the secondary material collected from archives, libraries and museums will remain in the archives of the Institute of Historical Research.

The Sound Archive

The British Library Sound Archive expressed an interest in the interviews at an early stage of the Project. All 68 of the interviews are available on the British Library's website, with the accompanying transcripts.

Project staff interview

Available on SAS-Space is an interview with the Project Staff, recorded as the School of Advanced Study Dean's Seminar in May 2011.

Sheldon, Nicola and Keating, Jenny (2011) School history in the twentieth century: a story of decline or progress?
In: Dean's Seminar, 18 May 2011, School of Advanced Study. (Unpublished)